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Do you take any prescription or over the counter medications?


Unless you are a youngster or don’t believe in taking vitamins, almost everyone takes medication or vitamin supplements. Could you tell someone what the name of your medication/supplement is? How often and when you take it? What dosage it is? Even if you could, what if there was an emergency and you or your loved one - during the stress of the moment - couldn’t remember? I am advocating that EVERYONE carry a copy of the list of medications/supplements you are taking in your wallet or purse. And, be sure to know where your loved ones keep their lists!

If you read my last blog, you would know that I had to call 911 when I came home to find my husband very sick. When the paramedics arrived and started asking me questions, I was understandably nervous and anxious. When they asked what medication he takes (which is a lot, as he is a diabetic and has other health issues) I immediately said I don’t know, but I can get you a list. I ran upstairs, opened his wallet and found the list! The paramedics appreciated the list and they were immediately able to communicate about his medication with the hospital before he even arrived at the emergency room! I took the list with me, as it came in handy when the ER doctor asked about medications and when the Critical Care on-call doctor came to see him before he was admitted to the ICU.

Please everyone – take a moment to record the medications/supplements you are taking along with the dosage and when you take it (how many times a day or a.m./p.m.). Tell your loved ones to do it also, and find out where they keep their list. You never know when you will need it!

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