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A Hero Among Us - by Darlene Scafiddi, RN, Vice President of Nursing & Patient Care Services


I wanted to share a story about one of our nurses, Jody Kelly who works in Labor and Delivery.  On Sunday May 8th, 2011(Mother’s Day) she saw a Bowers Ambulance crash into a pole on the San Bernardino Fwy. The accident happened at about 6:10 a.m. as she was on her way to work. The crash caused a 20 ft. piece of guard rail to fly onto the freeway as the demolished ambulance came to a stop.

Jody pulled over and ran to help the Bowers employee (a male) in the back of the ambulance. He had suffered traumatic injuries and was in full arrest. Jody managed to open the back of the ambulance and immediately began to perform CPR on this young  gentleman.  As she was performing CPR, the guard rail that had flown onto the freeway was hit by another car and flew into the rear side of the ambulance startling Jody (and probably scaring her tremendously!) but she continued CPR. The flying guard rail hitting the ambulance was witnessed by the Ontario Fire Department crew who responded to the accident. Upon reaching the scene, Fire Captain Mike Mondino and his team relieved Jody of her CPR efforts and were able to establish a pulse. As they loaded the ambulance worker into the fire vehicle Cpt. Mondino had a quick minute to talk to Jody and get some basic information from her.


Because of the proximity to the crash scene (San Bernardino Freeway near the Mountain Ave. off ramp) the patient was taken to San Antonio Community Hospital.  The ER staff there was able to administer medications to keep the young man alive long enough for his family to get to the hospital and have the opportunity to say good-bye to their loved one. Jody, however, once relieved of her CPR efforts, immediately went to the front of the totaled ambulance and administered care to the ambulance driver until help came for him. Cpt. Mondino then took the time to call PVHMC, find Jody’s supervisor for the day, tell her what had occurred and that Jody would probably be late to work. Jodi did report to work that day. Fire Cpt. Mondino was so impressed with Jody’s efforts to keep the ambulance employee alive even though she was had put her in danger that he submitted her name for the highest civilian award given by the Fire Department – the Civilian Citation. Capt. Mondino has never before in his 20-plus years with Ontario FD submitted any other name for a Civilian Citation! He claims that Jody is a professional to herself, her profession of nursing and to the Hospital!Capt. Mondino and his Battalion Chief came to the Hospital campus this morning to recognize Jody Kelley in front of her peers. Jody is a true hero and we are all so proud of her!!!!

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Kudos to you! I hadn''t thuoght of that!
Tami Barto
I am so proud of Jody - what a tribute to her profession!
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very inspiring. thanks for the share
Patient Care Services
hey its very interesting and inspirational story. i liked it. Jody was really a Hero.

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