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Drink Water – Are You Serious?


We are in the “hot days of summer,” and I recently spent a day away from my routine. I’m usually pretty good about drinking water while working at my desk, but we all have those times when life gets crazy and we don’t do the things we would normally do to take care of ourselves. SO, I drank a couple of cans of diet soda and not one sip of water all day! Boy did I feel bad that evening and even the following day! I never realized how important keeping well hydrated is to my body.

The American Dietetic Society states that we need to drink eight to nine 8-oz. glasses of water every day. That’s when we aren’t overly hot and sweating! Ceclia Silva, BA from our Stead Cardiac and Wellness Center explained that there are two ways to tell if you are dehydrated: “First is if your urine is yellow and the other is if you are feeling thirsty, because that means you are already past being well hydrated.”

Between the heat and not drinking water, I felt lethargic and headachy. The following day I drank lots of water and immediately felt better. No matter how old we get, or how many times we feel miserable when we don’t keep hydrated – we keep forgetting our body needs water to function properly!
Please keep water (a cup, bottle or thermos) handy during this hot season so you can feel your best! 
Comments for "Drink Water – Are You Serious?"
Going to put this arctile to good use now.
I''m going to drink more water..
frank Garcia
I will drink more water

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