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In a past blog I wrote about the importance of getting your yearly mammogram if you are a woman over 40, as my co-worker was diagnosed with cancer “in situ” at her annual exam. From what started out as an easy lumpectomy to be followed by radiation ended up being more complicated. First, she required four rounds of chemotherapy then followed by 7 weeks radiation. With so many women working at the hospital, I have personally known many who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. My co-worker feels that she is one of the “lucky” ones because this was discovered so early on the annual mammogram – which she is not that keen on getting in the first place!

I mention this because we all know someone who is going through or has gone through the struggle of having breast cancer. This awareness month reminds us of just how many people have coped with this disease that research is trying to understand in order to save more lives. Like my co-worker said: “Cancer is not for sissies.” Chemotherapy, although much improved in the last 15 years, is still a grueling process that knocks most people flat for a few days. By the time they begin to feel better, it is time for another dose of chemotherapy! It is not an easy thing to go through.

For the past few years the hospital has offered screening mammograms for $50 during the month of October. We want cancer detected before the need for chemotherapy! These low-cost mammograms allow women who don’t have insurance to get their screening done. The good news is that we always see an increase in the number of mammograms done each October. With the economy the way it is and so many people not working or without health insurance, we also offer a $100 cash price for a mammogram all year long.

Life gets busy, priorities get shuffled, and women tend to take care of everyone before they take care of themselves. Put yourself – and your life – first, and get your mammogram! If cancer is detected, hopefully it will be at an early stage, before the need for chemotherapy. Here’s to all the brave survivors of breast cancer!

By Tami Barto, Communication Specialist 
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