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November Honors Caregivers


There are “awareness” months for cancer and other diseases, but November brings awareness to the caregivers – those who tend to the needs of their loved ones who are ill and unable to care for themselves.

Sometimes medical professionals are called caregivers, but I’m not referring to them in this post. Caregiver Awareness Month is dedicated to those loving people who do anything from running the occasional errand or cooking a meal to the 24/7 handling of a person in need of assistance. Caregivers put someone else’s needs before their own. It can be heart-warming to give to those you love, but it can also be an overwhelming responsibility.

And then there are those who are willing to help their loved one in need, but they live far apart and have to travel in order to relieve those who do the day-to-day caregiving. Taking time away from jobs and family, they do the best they can by doing whatever they can to keep in touch and to participate in the caregiving as much as possible. They can feel torn and inadequate by not being there with the loved one in need more often.

The husbands, wives, sons, daughters, grandchildren, other family members and friends who take care of someone while juggling their own lives are faced daily with multiple demands for their time and energy. Caregivers tend to put their own needs last and can get “burned out” quickly.

Caregivers are to be applauded for what they do each and every day … but they need to take care of themselves, also! To stay at their best, caregivers need to take a little time each day for self care. Regular exercise and breaks away from the care-giving routine can be very helpful. Bringing in a substitute – even for an hour or two – can recharge a caregiver mentally, physically and emotionally.

If you know someone who is currently taking care of someone, whether it’s at a long distance or hands on full-time, tell them how much you admire them … They may not get a “thank you” very often from the loved one they are caring for, so your sincere words would mean a lot to them! Caregivers, we salute you!

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Thanks for that! I''m a new civrgaeer, 7 weeks, and I''ve hit a wall she won''t go anywhere and I can''t leave. I needed that permission to get some help! So glad I found you .

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