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Who is Your Hero?


I was listening to a song in the car the other day about heroes and it got me thinking. Who is my hero? My mind traveled to historical figures, my grandparents, parents, mentors, family, co-workers and the medical personnel who have treated my husband, Ken and I. The word “hero” comes from Greek mythology meaning a mythological or legendary figure, often of divine ancestry, who is favored by the gods, endowed with great courage and strength, and celebrated for their bold exploits. Today we use the word for someone noted for courageous acts or nobility of purpose, especially one who risked or sacrificed his life. It can also be a person noted for a special achievement in a particular field. More simply, a hero is someone who has made a huge impact on your life or someone you admire greatly.

Your hero is very personal to YOU – and mostly likely others might not consider your hero to be theirs. I would LOVE to read about your hero is and why you chose that person here on the blog. It will be fun to read the impact those special people have had on us. Take a moment, think about who your hero is and post it below!

Back to the identity of my hero. I’ve thought and I’ve thought, and I realized that the first name that popped in my mind was probably the one (actually two) that I want to share with you. My heroes are Dr. Ben Ebrahimi and Dr. Ram Rao. Both of these physicians have treated Ken and reassured me during particularly stressful situations. So, I guess these two doctors have also treated ME, as Ken’s wife,  in addition to providing medical treatment to him. Now neither of those doctors would say they were a hero – they were just doing their job. But to ME, they are my heroes. Your hero probably doesn’t see themselves that way either!

PVHMC’s Foundation has a program called “Guardian Angel” that allows grateful patients or family members to recognize any Associate (physicians, staff members or volunteers) who made a difference to you. For a nominal donation the recipient hero or “Guardian Angel” will be presented with a commemorative certificate, a letter from our President/CEO and a Guardian Angel lapel pin and badge holder. It is a very nice (and easy) way to show someone they made a difference in your life, and that you consider them a hero.

Whether you decide to acknowledge your hero through the Guardian Angel program or not, please share here who you consider to be a hero! Keep checking back to the blog to read other stories about our everyday heroes.

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thank you for the encouragement! keep the posts coming!

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