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Losing a Friend to Breast Cancer - It Shouldn't Have Happened!


Just stating the obvious – The death of a friend, especially a co-worker at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, is so tough.  Even though this happened some five years ago I always think of this friend during October and Breast Cancer Awareness month.  October is now behind us and the Hospital certainly did a lot to promote Breast Cancer Awareness, but did we do enough?

I know my friend was like so many other women.  I’m sure she kept saying to herself, “I know, I know I need to schedule my mammogram.  I’ll do after the kids are back in school.”  And then the excuse was soccer practice and the games.  Or it was because she was busy taking her father-in-law to physical therapy twice a week.  Maybe the schedule was jammed up because she won a trip to Hawaii (don’t I wish!)  But regardless, the mammogram didn’t get scheduled, didn’t get done until it was too late.

So many places, including PVHMC, make mammograms affordable.  If you don’t have insurance the cash price is just $100.  Maybe you have to scrimp a bit to save up $100 but isn’t your peace of mind worth it?  This price applies even for PVHMC’s new 3-D Mammograms which are the latest in improved mammogram screening.

Think of it this way.  You can wait a week longer before getting your hair cut or your nails done.  You can miss your daughter’s soccer or volleyball game.  But you simply can’t afford to skip your mammogram.  What’s more important, your attendance at your son’s basketball practice or being around for his wedding or the birth of your first grandchild because you took the time to maintain your own health? I know what your answer should be!


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I have been told by numerous doorcts and survivors, that you become a survivor the day you are NED, so that would be the day of your surgery, because Chemo is insurance, they don''t know if any of those little buggers are still floating around in your system. As for the mammograms, have them! My tumor couldn''t be felt, and only showed up on the mammogram as a concern because it was compared to the one I''d had a year earlier. It was only after the lumpectomy (after a biopsy) that they discovered the invasive cancer, while searching for clear margins. It was only .5cm, but it had already spread to the nodes.
For the love of God, keep writing these artciles.

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