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Vaccine 101

A vaccine is a preparation used as a preventative injection to cause resistance against a specific disease. They do this by using a proxy that resembles a particular disease. These microorganisms can vary from different types of viruses or bacteria. Our immune systems find a way to defeat this imitated or weakened agent. In result, our bodies can then fight off the disease if we come across it later in life.  Getting a shot can cause a little discomfort, but it’s worth it.

Vaccines have saved humanity
There have been many vaccines that have changed the world. The most popular on the list includes: Human Papillomavirus (HPV), Hepatitis B, Polio, Small Pox and Influenza Virus. These diseases may have once caused serious injury to human health. However, they are now low risk health issues in most countries because of having vaccines created to help fight off these illnesses.

Getting vaccinated can help the community

 This becomes true when a large portion of a given region is vaccinated from a particular disease or bacteria. The agent then has fewer bodies to attack and eventually decreases to very minimal population.  Your age and environment determine what vaccines are best for you and your community. 
The most popular vaccine today is the Flu Shot. The Flu Shot is effective against the Influenza Virus.  This is a vaccine taken annually because the strain can vary each season.  It is most beneficial to take this Flu Shot in the fall. The flu season usually begins October or November and ends in May.  Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center will be giving out free vaccines for seniors on October 19th, 2013. For more information you can call 909.865.9669.

When are you going to get your flu shot this season?

By, Allie Guerra

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