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Sweet Success

Walking through the Women’s Center Lobby, have you ever noticed the “Sweet Success” banner? For those of you who are curious to know, Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center has a Sweet Success Program for women who have diabetes or who have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

I never knew a program like this existed until I walked through those double doors in the lobby at PVHMC. I left feeling amazed about how intensive PVHMC cares about pregnant women. The Sweet Success goal is to improve the pregnancy outcomes for high risk pregnant women with diabetes.

They offer a vast variety of services, programs, and classes to help prepare families for a new addition.  Even though I have not had any children of my own, being able to educate myself within this department has helped me to understand what females go through when they decide to take this big step in their lives.

When I walked into the doors the nurses were all busy sitting down with pregnant women. I sat down with Laura Smith RN, a clinical nurse in the Sweet Success Department, and commented on how important this Sweet Success program seems to be. She agreed saying that they are continuously helping these women and putting their needs first. Not to mention Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center is the only one in the region that offers this service to their patients.

When asking Laura about what they do to help these pregnant women, she explained that they offer education and counseling, they monitor blood glucose, medication/insulin education, and also dietary counseling. I couldn’t help but notice the nutritional wall. The nutritional wall had specific types of food that pregnant women should be eating.  Giving the visual effect of this wall can benefit women when it comes to grocery shopping. For example it shows them the types of cereal or snacks to buy. Having these tools can really help a female feel safe about being pregnant with diabetes.

If you have a story of a friend or of your own that has gone through the Sweet Success program please share! Any motivation to help women with diabetes feel secure about having a baby can help. I did research on pregnant females with diabetes and the key words they used were “worried”, “tough” and “hard". However, after going through programs specifically focusing on their pregnancy, I read a lot of key words like “possible to have a healthy baby” and “to worry less”.

Written by: Allie Guerra

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