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Our ER Ranked top 5% in the Nation by HealthGrades


Remember in the old days when you would hear “code blue” called over the overhead speakers? Well today it is much more sophisticated, and different teams come immediately depending on what type of alert is called. There is a STEMI alert for those with heart attacks, a POLAR alert for those who would benefit from the new temperature management process, a STROKE alert for those with a stroke, and the GOLD alert, which they called for my husband because they suspected sepsis. There is also a “capacity” alert when the ER is full and a team comes to reassess how they can make more room and open up more beds in the hospital.

I was so worried, but I knew my husband was being taken care of by professionals who are used to working in fast-paced, stress-filled emergency situations. Many tests later confirmed he had meningitis (an infection in his brain). Because of the GOLD alert high-powered antibiotics were given to him immediately, even before all the test results were in. He began to talk again and was aware of where he was because of the rapid attention and great antibiotics given by top-notch professionals. He was moved to the ICU for the next few days, where he also received excellent care. After a few days he got moved to a regular room and continued to improve. He is now at home and much more comfortable, but he’s still receiving antibiotics though an IV.

Yes, our ER deserves to be nationally recognized by HealthGrades in the top 5%! It’s not just words to me - it’s the fact that my husband just experienced the excellent care our Emergency Department gives to the community 24/7.

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Holy Toledo, so glad I clciekd on this site first!

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