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50th Anniversary of Historic US Surgeon General's Smoking Report


Over the past weekend I caught an Associated Press (AP) article noting the 50th anniversary of the US Surgeon General’s report that concluded smoking causes lung cancer. And so the fight against tobacco was begun for all the right reasons!

New Year's Resolutions? Start with Well Fitting Shoes


Happy New Year to All!

Are there any New Year’s resolutions out there? Well, if improving your health and fitness is on the list, you may be contemplating starting a walking or running program. And if so, a pair of high quality, well fitting shoes might be in order.

Don't let Holiday Dangers Make You a Bah-Humbug


As if holiday stresses and a lack of time for the “to do” list, plus a lack of sleep, aren’t enough to make you want to skip the holidays, be extra cautious as you go about your holiday plans and decorating.

Erik Smith, a physician’s assistant in Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center’s Emergency Department, has seen a wide variety of injuries and illnesses while working during the holidays.

The New Year is Time to Assess or Create Your Emergency Go-Bag

With the last natural disaster to flash across your television screen perhaps you seized the moment and reviewed your emergency supplies. Luckily in Southern California we’re mostly exempt from harsh winter weather, tornados, and hurricanes. But earthquakes, floods, and fires can certainly become a part of our lives...

Holiday Stress is as common as a Christmas Party

Learning to say "no" is an important tool to managing holiday stress!
It's baaaccck - ridiculous wish lists from the kids, invitations to parties and open houses, cookies and candies to bake, outdoor lights to be strung...
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