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Did you know it is World Breastfeeding Week?


The week of August 1 – 7 has been designated world breastfeeding week so that people can learn and be reminded of the importance of breastfeeding! Many years ago, (1976) I breastfed my first son – wow things were different back then. The nurses didn’t encourage breastfeeding while I was in the hospital, in fact, I had to ask them NOT to give my baby glucose water. By the time my second son was born (1979) not much had changed…but I was more experienced and didn’t need the support that new mom’s should receive. The attitude about breastfeeding was beginning to change in 1982 when my third son was born, but it was still not where we are today in regards to acceptance and knowledge.

Breastfeeding has so many wonderful aspects. In addition to the bonding and loving that comes from breastfeeding a baby; it also may protect a mom against developing breast cancer later in life. It also makes ear infections, type 1 diabetes, diarrhea and certain types of rare childhood cancers less likely for babies. Breastfed babies are 20% less likely to die in the post neonatal period (after 28 days) and the longer a baby is breastfed, the lower the risk. The nutrients found in breast milk are responsible for the growth of a baby’s brain and nervous system. Another great benefit is mom’s who breastfeeding tend to lose more weight than mom’s who do not breastfeed.

Ladies - looking for a fun night out?

The Hospital is hosting “Cyn in the City” on Wednesday, Jun27th from 5:30 – 8:30 pm at our Pomona Valley Health Center in Chino Hills (2140 Grand Avenue).

Drink Water – Are You Serious?

We are in the “hot days of summer,” and I recently spent a day away from my routine. I’m usually pretty good about drinking water while working at my desk, but we all have those times when life gets crazy and we don’t do the things we would normally do to take care of ourselves. SO, I drank a couple of cans of diet soda and not one sip of water all day!

A Hero Among Us - by Darlene Scafiddi, RN, Vice President of Nursing & Patient Care Services


I wanted to share a story about one of our nurses, Jody Kelly who works in Labor and Delivery.  On Sunday May 8th, 2011(Mother’s Day) she saw a Bowers Ambulance crash into a pole on the San Bernardino Fwy. The accident happened at about 6:10 a.m. as she was on her way to work. The crash caused a 20 ft. piece of guard rail to fly onto the freeway as the demolished ambulance came to a stop.

Don’t Put Off Your Mammogram!


I know it isn’t Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but last week when a co-worker told me that she was called back for a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound to ”have a better look,” my first response was “That happens frequently – it is probably nothing.” When she told me she needed a biopsy I said,”Eighty percent of biopsies come back negative for cancer.”

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