About GYN Cancer

Types of Gynecologic Cancer

Cervical Cancer

Squamous carcinomas comprise the majority of cases (85%) followed by adenocarcinomas (10-15%), which include the less common adenosquamous carcinoma. The remainder of cases are comprised of rarer cancers such as small cell, sarcoma, lymphoma, and melanoma.


Ovarian Cancer

90% of ovarian cancers are epithelial cancers. 46% of ovarian tumors are serous tumors, with 73% of these occurring bilaterally. 36% of ovarian tumors are mucinous, with 47% of these occurring bilaterally. 8% of ovarian cancers are endometrioid with 33% of these occurring bilaterally. There are also clear cell tumors (3% & 13% respectively), transitional tumors (occurring just 2% of the time), mixed tumors (occurring 3% of the time, in addition to undifferentiated and unclassified tumors.


Uterine Cancer

The uterine tumor types are: Adenocarcinoma (75%), Adenosquamous (18%), Papillary Serous (6%), and Clear Cell (1%)


Vaginal Cancer

The majority of primary vaginal cancers are of the squamous cell variety (85%) with adenocarcinoma representing the second most common variety (9%) and sarcoma, melanoma and less common types comprising the remainder.


Vulvar Cancer

Approximately 85% of vulvar malignancies are of the squamous cell variety. The second most common type is malignant melanoma representing 10% of cases of vulvar malignancies.

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