Success Stories

Gary Brandt

Gary Brandt's life stopped on a dime when his wife found him on the floor of their room, his speech slurred and incapable of movement. Clear signs of a stroke. She called 9-1-1 and Gary was rushed to Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center where a large clot, blocking blood flow to the right side of his brain, was discovered. A procedure was used to extract the clot, saving Gary from paralysis. Now Gary is back at work and enjoying time with his family and their beautiful black lab.While our Neuro-Interventional Lab has earned national recognition, it's patients like Gary who truly motivate us.

By: Mr. Miller

I want to pay my highest regards, compliments and praise to your leadership in directing one of the finest of hospitals I've ever been in.

On Nov. 15, I was at my yearly doctor check up at the Chino Hills facility with Dr. Wohlert who has replaced Dr. Fontan my former physician. I told her of some chest pain I had recently that happens only when on a brisk walk. She ran a EKG a couple of times and they both came back with an inverted T wave which you may or may not know is a huge red flag in the world of cardiology. She consulted Dr. Mathiau of your top notch cardio team and he said get me to the main hospital ASAP which my wife and I did. My wife also works at PVHMC she is a Nurse Manager in the women's center. Her name is Susan.

Anyway the cardiac team quickly determined through investigative questioning and 9 more EKG's that a deadly widow maker heart attack was imminent because the EKG's were progressively getting worse.

I then witnessed a well greased, fine tuned, everybody on the same page team of intuitive cardiologists, nurses, Cath Lab Crew and support staff urgently swing into action and literally through their efforts and expertise, saved my life! Also the cardio recovery as well as the admitting crew deserve recognition for their urgent diligence. They were all very attentive, helpful, courteous, patient, and very friendly.

Please share this note with all of them as well the rest of the hospital staff so everybody can share in my joy at the second chance they've given me.

I owe my life to Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center.


By: Mr. Johnson

"The Innovative ways you have of introducing valuable insights to us is commendable.  Your guest lecturers are well qualified to pass on useful information.  We are now much more aware of food portion size and have learned to read food packaging labels for useful and harmful ingredients. ln addition we have learned about many of the functions that effect the heart.  Though I have no medical training, I am sure you are extending lives in these classes.  Thank you for that."
Photo:  Chris Lewis, RN - Heart Failure Case Manager

By: Mr. and Mrs. Caster

"I have been diagnosed with CHF, and had a Pacemaker installed in 2001.  My wife and I were then invited me to join the Heart Failure Classes, and I did so reluctantly.  Since that first class, my wife and I have attended her classes on a regular schedule.  Each class is professionally prepared, often with guest speakers, experts in their fields, complete with visual aids and handouts.  My wife also has a heart condition and is receiving very valuable information at the meetings.  The information is always presented in a professional, interesting, understandable and educational way."
Photo:  Guest speaker from Physical Therapy speaking at CHF class.

By: Ms. Butler

"In 2007 and 2008 I was in the hospital with heart problems.  I really didn't know how to handle the problems I was left with.  Then I was invited to come to the monthly heart failure meetings.  These has been very helpful in explaining heart failure, how to care for heart failure, and helping with diet including low salt recipes."
Photo:  Group CHF lecture and lunch 
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