Diagnostic Testing

IVC-Iliac Vein Duplex

Duplex ultrasound is used to directly image and assess the inferior vena cava (IVC) and the distal branches of the IVC (common iliac veins).  When a significant clot is found in the common femoral vein (CFV), or in both legs at the groin, the IVC and common iliac veins should be imaged if possible to determine if the clot has extended into these areas.  The presence of an acute and/or mobile clot may require a venous filter to be placed into the IVC.  Ability to access the IVC through the CFV must be determined.  A non-invasive approach to this assessment is always preferred if possible.

Indications for this exam:  Pre-kidney transplant work-up, pre-placement of a Greenfield filter or one of a similar type, clot/s in the groin area of one or both legs with bilateral leg swelling and possible pain, or pain and possible swelling.

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