Diagnostic Testing

Arterial Exam Plethysmography

Blood pressure cuffs are used on each arm and at the ankles to obtain an ankle/brachial index.  Doppler waveforms are obtained of the dorsalis pedis and posterior tibial arteries at the ankle and distal portion of the top of each foot.  If these waveforms and the ABI are abnormal, we apply blood pressure cuffs to the calves, above the knee and the high thighs.  Blood pressures and pulsed volume return waveforms at each level will determine potential areas of arterial occlusive disease.  This exam is not performed more than once each year.  If a patient has an arterial bypass graft in one or more lower limbs, only an ABI will be obtained with blood pressure cuffs.  Abnormal results will prompt a duplex image study to be performed of the graft to look for occlusive disease in the graft or the points of attachment, and any new areas of narrowing that may have formed in the native arteries.


Indications for this exam:  Cramping of the calves or high thigh area with walking which is resolved by rest (Claudication).  Associated numbness and tingling in the feet with walking.  Lack of arterial pulses with symptoms similar to those previously stated
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