Diagnostic Testing

Transcranial Doppler (non-imaging)

A non-imaging transducer (looks like a small pencil) is used with ultrasound gel applied to the head in four different locations.  Arterial blood flow is recorded with Doppler waveforms to assess velocities in the Circle of Willis.  This exam documents flow velocities in the subarachnoid area of the brain.  When aneurysms in these vessels rupture, the resulting bleeding can cause arterial vasospasms.  Vasospasms may sharply reduce or completely shut off blood flow to important areas of the brain, causing the same symptoms of a stroke.  If this is diagnosed, treatment may immediately begin to help ease and possibly eliminate the condition and resulting symptoms.

Indications for this exam:  CVA, ruptured aneurysm, clipped aneurysm of the brain. 

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