Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
Q: How do I schedule my first appointment?
A: Call 909-865-9810 to schedule your first appointment. Please let us know which one of our locations is most convenient for you.
Q: Are all of your Rehabilitation Services and Specialty Programs available at each Outpatient location?
A: Most of our programs are offered at all locations, but there are a few exceptions. Call the most convenient Outpatient Clinic for an appointment and we will let you know if the treatment you require is more appropriate elsewhere.
Q: Should I register before coming to my first Rehabilitation appointment?
A: Yes. Before your first appointment we will contact you by phone to pre-register.
Q: What do I need to bring to my first appointment?
A: Please bring your therapy prescription, your medical insurance card, and any relevant medical information (X-ray, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Operative reports).
Q: What should I expect on my first visit and how long will it last?
A: During your first visit a licensed therapist will review your doctor’s orders on the prescription, take your history, and perform a thorough evaluation. You will likely begin your treatment on the first day so allow approximately 60 to 90 minutes. Please arrive 15 minutes before your first appointment. We will make a copy of your insurance card and have you sign any necessary paperwork at that time.
Q: What do I wear?
A: Since most therapy sessions involve some form of exercise, wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing that allows easy access to the area(s) that will be evaluated and treated. We will provide a hospital style gown when necessary. Please wear proper fitting tennis shoes if possible.
Q: At the hospital, where should I park for Rehabilitation appointments?
A: Convenient parking designated for "Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation" is located on the east side of the hospital, across from the Emergency Department. Handicap spaces are available.
Q: Can I bring family with me to my appointments?
A: Family members involved in the care of the patient are welcome to attend the initial evaluation, and when appropriate, observe or participate in the actual treatment. Out of respect for our other patients’ privacy, family members may be asked to wait in designated areas. We discourage adults who are receiving therapy from bringing children to their appointment.
Q: Should I stay with my child during his/her treatment?
A: We encourage adults bringing children for physical, occupational and speech therapy to remain throughout the child’s treatment. A parent or legal guardian must accompany children under the age of 18 on their first visit to provide "Consent to Treat."
Q: Will my insurance cover my physical therapy?
A: The PVHMC Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department is a health care provider for most insurance plans. If you are not sure of your exact coverage, we will be happy to investigate it for you. Call 909-865-9810 for more information.
Q: How long will I need to be in Rehabilitation?
A: The duration of your care is dependant upon many things, including your doctor’s orders, your insurance coverage, and your need to have medically supervised rehabilitation. All of these factors will become more defined as your therapy progresses, and you will be included in any and all treatment planning.
Pediatric Rehab Questions
Q: What age children do you treat?
A: We treat newborns through age 18.
Wellness Questions
Q: Are wellness programs covered by insurance?
A: No. Wellness programs are payable by cash or credit card.
Q: Do I have to be a former patient to participate in a wellness program?
A: No. Wellness classes are open to the public.
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