Interventional Radiology and Angiography

Treating Conditions Using Radiological Imaging

Interventional radiology is the subspeciality of radiology that treats Vascular diseases and other conditions using radiological imaging in combination with percutaneous treatment procedures. Percutaneous treatment procedures involve the insertion of needles or narrow tubes (catheters) into an affected vein, artery, organ or other body part via a small incision or needle puncture in the skin. The catheter or needle is guided into place and the procedure is performed.
Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center provides comprehensive, State-of-the-art interventional radiology procedures including:
Arterial Stent placement: An arterial stent is a tiny cylindrical device that is positioned inside a diseased or collapsing artery to provide additional support.
Dialysis Shunt Evaluation: Radiologists at PVHMC are available to provide Full shunt evaluation and maintenance services.
Nephrostomy Tube Placement: Radiologists place a drainage tube in the Kidney to relieve pressure caused by blockage. They may also place a tube in the ureter to help urine flow from the kidney to the bladder.
Thrombolytic Therapy: Using catheters and radiology imaging techniques to administer special medication to dissolve dangerous blood clots.
Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt (TIPS): A procedure that relieves bleeding of the liver caused by liver disease.
In addition to these procedures, PVHMC/s interventional radiologists Are experienced in performing angiograms and balloon angioplasties. The first is a diagnostic procedure that allows physicians to evaluate the condition of arteries by x-ray and contrast solution. The resultant images provide information that enables physicians to determine the most appropriate course of treatment for the patient. Balloon angio- plasty provides treatment for patients whose arteries are clogged. A catheter equipped with a tiny balloon is carefully positioned in the affected artery. The balloon is inflated which reduces blockage of the artery. The balloon and catheter are then removed.
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