General Information / Benefits

Work Hours/On-Call Duty

The residency recognizes that long work hours and excessive on-call responsibilities are not conducive to an optimal educational environment nor quality patient care. The goal of the residency is to have the hours residents work reflect the hours of practicing family physicians.
On average, clinical rotations are 70 hours per week. First year rotations require residents to be on call 1-2 times per week, second years 1 time per week and third years every 10-14 days.


The residents are PVHMC Associates and are entitled to the comprehensive health, dental, vision, life, disability and retirement benefits offered by PVHMC.

Call Rooms

Private, comfortable and secure call rooms inside the hospital are available for overnight duty.


PGY I -   $49,212
PGY II -  $50,398
PGY III - $53,934
The program pays $700 towards license fees during the PGY II year and $551 for DEA.
Click the PDF for a sample of the Resident Contract. 

Credit Union

Membership is open to all Associates of PVHMC and immediate family. In addition to a variety of loan programs, members of the credit union are eligible for discounts at local amusement parks and car dealerships.

Employment Opportunities

PVHMC may provide financial assistance to residents who establish a practice in our community after graduation.

Health Care Spending Account Option

The health care spending account lets you set aside dollars from your pay, tax-free, to use for some expenses not paid through your medical, dental, or vision plans. The account helps budget for out-of-pocket health care expenses in advance.


Meals are provided free of charge to residents. Family members are welcome to join a resident for a meal while they are on-call and will be given the associate discount.
Parking is provided free of charge.

Resident/Faculty Recruitment

Our residents are integral to the recruitment and selection of each incoming class. Resident participation is also crucial in the interviewing and selection of potential faculty.

Vacation/Educational Conference

Residents have 3 weeks paid vacation per year. PGY II's and III's receive one additional week annually for special educational conferences, with a stipend to partially pay for the conference expenses.
A $250 allowance towards the purchase of a PDA is given to PGY I's in lieu of educational conference funding.
The hospital recognizes 9 paid holidays each year. Additionally, paid Personal Time Off (PTO) is available for illness and family emergencies.
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