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Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center is making 3D mammograms available for every woman - every time. You deserve nothing less.

At PVHMC, we are committed to bringing state-of-the-art healthcare to our communities. We are furthering that mission with the introduction of our 3D mammography services. 3D mammography is the most accurate breast cancer screening available anywhere and we are proud to offer this lifesaving technology to the women in our care.

  • We are one of the first hospitals in the region to introduce 3D mammography (aka tomosynthesis)
  • We offer 3D mammography to every woman, every time, and we are the only hospital currently making this technology the standard of care for every mammogram we perform
  • We have 3D mammograms in 3 locations – Pomona, Chino Hills & Claremont
  • No doctor referral is needed
  • Most insurance plans cover 3D mammograms
  • PVHMC offers 3D mammography for just $100 to the uninsured, so there’s no reason to put off this potentially lifesaving exam

3D mammography is the most accurate breast cancer screening available.

Our doctors insist on 3D mammography… and so should you.


3D mammography is a powerful tool in early detection and the fight against breast cancer. The precise 3D images reveal small breast tumors, when they are easier to treat – including those that traditional two-dimensional mammography might miss. The accuracy of this technology also benefits women with dense breast tissue or breast implants that can be more difficult to screen with traditional mammography.


Improved accuracy reduces false positives… and your stress. Superior 3D images help our doctors tell the difference between breast tumors and harmless areas that might have looked like a problem on a standard mammography image. This results in fewer callbacks for additional mammograms and other procedures like breast biopsy or ultrasound… and that means less stress and more peace of mind for you.

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