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We Are Here for You...

We Are Here for You...

At Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Centers cancer care center, a caring team of professionals and volunteer staff is committed to helping meet the individual needs of cancer survivors and their families. The Robert and Beverly Lewis Family Cancer Care Center offers a comprehensive program of services from education and screening for the prevention of cancer, to state-of-the-art medical and radiation cancer treatment, with emotional support offered through all aspects of treatment. We treat the “whole patient and family,” not just the disease of cancer.

Breast Health Information
The Breast Health Program at the Robert and Beverly Lewis Family Cancer Care Center is a comprehensive state-of-the-art treatment program offering a full spectrum of clinical and support services, from screening and diagnosis to treatment and counseling. From prevention to early diagnosis to control of advanced disease, we have the knowledge, expertise, technology and compassion to help you achieve the highest quality in breast care.
3D Mammography
3D mammography is the most accurate breast cancer screening available anywhere and we are proud to offer this lifesaving technology to the women in our care.
Breast Cancer Treatment
We can offer you access to clinical trials and cutting edge anti-cancer drugs that earned our Cancer Program the maximum accreditation from the American College of Surgeons, Commission on Cancer. The Trilogy System and our new TomoTherapy machine delivers ultra-precise radiation with greater speed and accuracy, making it possible to safely deliver the maximum treatment while not damaging surrounding tissue.
Our goal is to offer easy access to the most advanced, current breast health care in the Pomona and Inland Valley area as well as compassion and knowledge in caring for the whole person.
Prostate Cancer Information
We are pleased to offer the latest advancements in prostate cancer treatment. Utilizing TomoTherapy with intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and image guided radiation therapy (IGRT), our physicians are able to deliver ultra-precise radiation with greater speed and accuracy. This unprecedented precision enables us to target the tumor while preserving healthy surrounding tissue. Patients spend less time in treatment and experience fewer side effects. Other effective radiation therapies are temporary high-dose-rate implants and permanent low-dose-rate radioactive seed implants that radiate the tumor from inside.
Lung Cancer Information
We emphasize early detection and provide an aggressive, multidisciplinary, combined treatment approach to lung cancer. Our team includes specialists from radiology, pathology, pulmonology, cardiothoracic surgery, and medical and radiation oncology. Many of our patients with lung cancer also have an underlying chronic lung disease such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis that decrease lung capacity and may cause shortness of breath, exhaustion, frequent hospitalizations and anxiety. Together with our Respiratory Services Department, we offer a free Pulmonary Outpatient Program to help patients feel better before, during and after their treatments.

Gynecological Cancer Treatment

We are pleased to offer the latest advancements in gynecologic cancer treatment. Our surgeons have special expertise in minimally invasive robotic surgery and laproscopic surgery. These procedures are performed through very small incisions so patients experience less discomfort and quicker recoveries. Chemotherapy treatments are also among the full range of options available. Our expert care earned us the highest accreditation from the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer.

Colorectal Cancer Information
Colorectal cancer treatment depends on the size and location of the tumor, whether the cancer has spread, and the person’s overall health condition. We can offer you access to surgery, clinical trials, and cutting edge anti-cancer drugs that earned our Cancer Program the maximum accreditation from the American College of Surgeons, Commission on Cancer. We offer a variety of surgical services to treat and manage colorectal cancer. We have board certified physicians in Colorectal Surgery, General Surgery, Internal Medicine and Critical Care Medicine that are available to take care of your surgical and hospital needs.  We offer access to clinical trials. Our medical oncologists and their staff will work to find you to the most effective drugs to fight colorectal cancer. In addition, your comfort is also our top priority and we will partner with you to ensure your chemotherapy side effects are controlled.

Pancreatic Cancer Information
Pancreatic carcinoma, more commonly known as pancreatic cancer, is a serious disease that develops within the pancreas, one of many vital organs in the human body. Because the pancreas has several important functions, including the production of insulin and various digestive enzymes, the discovery of cancerous cells there is considered serious and requires immediate medical attention. Pancreatic cancer is the 10th most commonly diagnosed form of the disease and is rare compared with other leading causes of cancer death, such as lung and breast. The five-year survival rate of 6% is among the lowest of any form of cancer. There are three primary treatment options for people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, each of them designed to extend life and relieve symptoms. These include surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.

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The Cancer Care Center at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center also offers radiation therapy, nutrition services, clinical trials, education and support, news and events, survivor stories and more. Please contact us or visit our main website to learn more about the PVHMC Cancer Care Center.
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