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Offering Lectures, Cooking Demonstrations, Workshops, and Health Screenings.

The Stead Heart and Vascular Center at PVHMC is making a nearly unprecedented effort to bring awareness to the staggering statistics of cardiovascular disease and stroke for women. It has partnered with other areas of the hospital to develop a unique health education and wellness program appropriately named, Stead Heart for Women™.

The program offers lectures, cooking demonstrations, workshops, and health screenings. Its goal is simple, yet challenging – reduce cardiovascular disease and stroke among women of all ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds in our community.

What started as an employee wellness campaign in 2003, has steadily grown since its inception. The program provides pedometers, walking logs, five pre-mapped walking courses around and in the Hospital, and inspiration and motivation through group meetings and e-mails facilitated by Dr. Stacey Hilton.

The campaign is working! Hospital employees are learning about the significant heart health risks they face. Educated on the grim statistics, several female hospital employees have found the motivation and support to lose more than 35 pounds after participating in just three Fitness Challenges.
In October 2005, it was determined the benefits outweighed the cost and the center decided to package our program and take it to the community. For a nominal fee, women in our region can receive a Stead Heart for Women™ customized packet including information about the motivational seminars, Fitness Challenges, Walking Club Membership, a pedometer, a heart disease awareness bracelet, a daily weight log, inspirational e-mails, and an optional consultation at the Stead Health and Fitness Center.

The Stead Heart and Vascular Center’s unique awareness program provides women of all ages, ethnicities and social backgrounds with knowledge, inspiration, and the feeling that they are not alone in their struggle to exercise, eat properly, and create long-term lifestyle changes.

For many women, heart disease may already be present. The Stead Heart and Vascular Center can help detect and treat women before it is too late. New technologies and advances in care enable doctors at the center to help women improve their heart health. The center is a leader in invasive treatment of heart disease, including cardiac and vascular surgery. It also has a history of regional “firsts” for treatment and diagnostic techniques.

We are providing yet another first for the community by conducting outreach and partnering with community-based organizations to build programs that improve cardiovascular health for women in our region.

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