Living Well After Cancer

Recovery Program

Recovery Program

The Living Well After Cancer Program is a joint effort between The Claremont Club and Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center’s Robert and Beverly Lewis Family Cancer Care Center that began in 2005. The program is specially designed to improve cancer survivor’s fitness level, quality of life and self-esteem. Participants meet at The Claremont Club twice weekly, for twelve weeks. It is offered at no charge to cancer survivors (both men and women) and is funded by private donation. All cancer survivors are welcome to participate if they are willing to:

  • Commit to attending all of the twelve week classe
  • Drive to the Claremont Club
  • Complete required paper work, including a permission slip from your physician
  • Participate in the program with other cancer survivors

If you or someone you know would benefit from this program, please contact 

This program can be the beginning of your road to recovery! Gain strength, but also gain support and new friendships from your fellow participants who have all had cancer!

Participants will be instructed by a certified Trainer who has also taken additional courses to assist with Cancer Survivors. In addition to cardio and strength training participants will also get to experience:

  • Pilates
  • Nutrition class
  • Two cooking classes
  • Yoga
  • Home exercise program
  • Balance
  • Aqua class
  • Support group meeting
  • Two 30 minute Massages

For more information on how to participate in the Living Well After Cancer Program contact

If you would like to make a donation to the Living Well After Cancer program contact Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center’s Foundation at 909.865.9139 or mail your donation to the Foundation at 1798 N. Garey Avenue, Pomona CA 91767.
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Two Experiences of the Living Well After Cancer Program

Two Experiences of the Living Well After Cancer Program

The Robert and Beverly Lewis Family Cancer Care Center in conjunction with The Claremont Club implemented the “Living Well After Cancer” program in 2005. This program is for cancer survivors who want to regain their strength and decrease the fatigue that usually accompanies cancer following treatment.

Marilyn Franke was diagnosed in December 2009 at 58 years old. She began the program about three months after finishing her radiation treatment for breast cancer. “I didn’t know what to expect and I was concerned it would be more than I could handle as I was still so fatigued from treatment,” shared Marilyn.

Samantha Day was diagnosed in January of 2006 at 41 years old. She joined the program a couple of years after cancer treatment for breast cancer. “I have always been physically active, but I was interested in taking the different classes and learning new ways of staying healthy,” explained Samantha.

Both ladies felt the camaraderie of the other participants was a huge factor in getting the most out of the program. Marilyn felt, “If others who had more aggressive treatment than I did can do the program, than I can too!” “I loved the laughs we shared while exercising and the trainers made sure that everyone in my group felt connected no matter what their fitness level was,” said Samantha. This program is specially designed to work with cancer survivors and is structured to not push participants past their current strength and fitness level.  Everyone works at their own pace and not pressured to do activities they don’t want to try. The program offers classes in Zumba, Yoga, Lo-impact Aerobics, Pilates, Aqua and Hooping. Most participants are eager to try all the classes, in addition to the cardio and strength training that is part of the program.

Both Samantha and Marilyn felt the class was very beneficial and would recommend it highly to other cancer survivors.  “It really helped with my fatigue, both emotionally and physically. I felt so much better after the program and was able to return to the activities I did before going through cancer treatment. I also thought the trainers were great and very supportive to the group.” said Marilyn. Samantha says, “I loved having access to The Claremont Club during the program. My husband came to the club each time I went to class and worked-out in the weight and cardio room, and he also took a few classes. The entire staff was kind and friendly to everyone in the group. I learned so much about health and wellness and nutrition. At the end of the program there was a cooking demonstration and we all got to eat the healthy food after – it was great fun.  All cancer survivors should attend this program.”

Did this program change their life after cancer? “Yes – it gave me more confidence and brought joy back into my life. It was fun to look forward to going to the classes,” shared Marilyn. Samantha agreed, “My focus went back to living my life – not focusing on the cancer.”

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