Physical Therapy (WCC)

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation for Women

Recognizing that a woman faces unique health issues throughout her life, the department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center offers specialized therapy and treatment options for women of all ages through its Women's Health Management program.

Our specialized therapy approaches are structured to fit each woman's individual needs, helping them manage a variety of conditions.

  • Management of    Lymphedema that can be associated with lumpectomies and mastectomies.
  • Control of ‘leaking’ through our   Urinary Incontinence program.
  • Management of osteoporosis and fibromyalgia relief can be found through exercise and activity prescription including   Aquatic Therapy and the use of our warm water pools and massage therapy.
  • Several types of massage including pregnancy massage designed specifically for expectant mothers who have received the required written clearance from their doctor ... and infant massage which is available to parents who want to learn specialized techniques to help calm and relax their baby ... are offered through our   Massage Therapy program.
  • Orthopedic problems common to women such as ACL injuries and frozen shoulder can be treated, and many times prevented, through expert care by our highly trained   Orthopedic & Sports Medicine physical therapists.

For more information on women's health services visit our Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation section or contact us today to learn more about other departments and services offered at PVHMC.

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