Planned Giving

Planned giving is a way of selecting from a menu of charitable gift-giving opportunities that is not only favorable to Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center Foundation, but that is also favorable for you. While the primary purpose is to help Pomona Valley Medical Center, a planned gift's secondary purpose may be for you to enjoy the personal financial or family benefits that certain plans can provide for you. 

With a planned gift, the Hospital receives the appreciated asset at some time in the future, often after you have received lifetime income from the asset. These gifts can be revocable or irrevocable. The tax benefits you receive depend on the type of gift and the assets used to fund it.

Almost any gift you contribute outright to Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center Foundation can be used to establish a planned gift, i.e., cash, appreciated long-term (held for at least a year) securities, and appreciated real estate. You can learn more about these different giving opportunities by visiting our Planned Giving section to determine which kind of gift might best suit your needs.

Click here to discover how you can make a gift that costs you nothing during your life time.

To discuss gift planning at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center Foundation please contact:
Jim Dale, Vice President of Development at 909-469-9408 or
Glenda Ferguson, Director of Development at 909-865-9659 or

Jack Fulton—Planned Giving Honors His Memory

Fresh out of business school and new to Southern California, Jack Fulton got his first professional break at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center in 1948, launching a distinguished career as a hospital administrator, in the insurance industry, and consulting in malpractice lawsuit prevention.

In this latter role, Jack felt he was truly making a difference in healthcare. Though focused on helping hospitals avoid litigation, Jack’s recommendations led to safety innovations such as slip-resistant floor wax, newborn patient identification bands, and side-rails for all patient beds.

Jack felt indebted to the place where it all began, and shared PVHMC’s vision to meet the community’s need for quality medical care. So, he made sure to include the hospital in his charitable giving, especially after losing his beloved first wife, Mary.

A decade ago, Jack married Josephine, who learned of his esteem for PVHMC. “Jack was a bright and insightful man,” Josephine asserts “and he always valued the care provided there.” It was care Jack would need all too soon.

In 2009, faced with colon cancer, Jack returned to PVHMC as a patient. “He received attentive, compassionate and professional care” Josephine says. “We couldn’t have asked for better care under the circumstances.” Jack lost his battle in September 2009, but he wasn’t done making a difference.

A major planned gift to the PVHMC Foundation from Jack’s estate honors both his memory and his regard for the hospital. A future building will have an area named after Jack. “I appreciate and look forward to it,” says Josephine, confident that Jack’s vision will continue to be fulfilled.

Left to right; Glenda Ferguson, Rosanne Bader, Josephine Fulton and Richard Yochum
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