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Smoking Cessation Program

Smoking Cessation Program
Most cases of lung cancer death, close to 90% in men, and 80% in women are caused by cigarette smoking. We know that quitting smoking is not easy, but we are here to HELP you. You can help us fight lung cancer by quitting smoking!

Our smoking cessation program, offered through our Respiratory Services Department offers assessment, care planning, treatment options and support to help you quit smoking. Call us now and make an appointment. For more information; please call Ivy Tuason at 909.865.9903 or Michele Geddes, Respiratory Services at 909.865.9136.

Support Services

We offer a wide variety of support services for all our patients. Please click on the Education and Support tab to learn more about how we can help you.

Multidisciplinary Care and Tumor Board

The Lung Cancer Program adheres to the National Cancer Comprehensive Network and American Academy of Chest Physicians (AACP) guidelines. This is to ensure that we continuously improve the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of oncology practice so patients can live better lives.

Our Virtual Tumor Board (VTB) is designed to ensure that each patient diagnosed with lung cancer receives a multidisciplinary approach in their care. Physicians from different specialties provide their opinions on how to best manage and treat the patient. The VTB is a confidential web-based program that allows physicians to access patients’ information from anywhere a computer and internet is available. In addition, the VTB also connects our physicians to all available diagnostic tests, laboratory data and other pertinent patient reports which are necessary to give recommendations.


American College of Surgeons, Commission on Cancer.

The Pomona Valley Cardiothoracic Group offers one of the most complete lines of cardiothoracic and vascular services in Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties. During the past two decades, they have become a leader in innovative cardiovascular care, earning the confidence and respect of the surrounding communities and beyond. Our hospital offers variety of surgical services to treat and manage lung cancer. We have board certified physicians in Cardiothoracic Surgery, Internal Medicine, Critical Care Medicine and Pulmonary Medicine that are available to take care of your surgical and hospital needs.

We also offer patients access to cutting edge anti-cancer drugs and clinical trials. Our medical oncologists and their staff work with patients to find the most effective chemotherapy drugs to fight lung cancer. In addition, patient comfort is our top priority and we partner with patients to ensure that chemotherapy side effects are controlled.

Our Radiation Oncology department offers one of the most advanced technologies in treating lung cancer. The state-of-the-art Trilogy with RapidArc and Respiratory Gating and TomoTherapy linear accelerators delivers ultra-precise radiation with greater speed and accuracy, making it possible to safely deliver the maximum treatment while not damaging surrounding tissue.

Patient Care Coordinator Program

In addition to high quality medical care, each patient is supported throughout this experience by our patient care coordinator. She acts as a liaison between our Lung Cancer Program physicians, primary care physicians and the patients.

Pulmonary Outpatient Program

Pulmonary Outpatient Program

 We understand that many of our patients with Lung Cancer also have an underlying chronic lung disease such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis. In addition, treatment options for lung cancer such as surgery and radiation oncology may result to a decrease lung capacity. Chronic pulmonary disease may result in decrease ability to perform day to day activities, constant shortness of breath and exhaustion, frequent hospitalizations and anxiety. Our Lung Cancer Program is dedicated not only in fighting the disease but also to ensure that our patients are given the resources to adapt to their illness before, during and after their treatments. We have partnered with our Respiratory Services Department to offer free Pulmonary Outpatient Program.

The Pulmonary Outpatient Program is a comprehensive educational program designed for patients with emphysema, chronic bronchitis and other chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It is a 3-part program designed to teach patients about living and dealing with chronic illness.

The first component of the program is education. Patients attend two lectures given by our licensed Respiratory Care Practitioner (RCP). The lectures focus on disease process, medications, breathing retraining and coping strategies. The second component to the program is the monthly maintenance program. This is a once a month meeting with the RCP to measure your lung volumes and oxygen saturation, supervised exercise and review of your self management regimen. The third component of the program is the support group called “Breathing Buddies.” Patients meet monthly to discuss issues that affect daily lives. Guest lectures are scheduled in some of the meetings.
The goals for our Pulmonary Outpatient Program are:
  •   Start and maintain a home exercise program
  •   Maintain your ability to perform activities of daily living (hygiene, toileting, etc)
  •   Reduce shortness of breath and anxiety
  •   Increase understanding of your medications
  •   Reduce hospitalizations
  •   Promote self reliance and independence.

There is no charge for this program, however because there is a moderate level of exercise, patients will need an order from their physician to participate in the program. For any questions, please call Ivy Tuason at 909.865.9903. For scheduling, please call Michele Geddes, Respiratory Services at 909.865.9136.  

Our Radiology Services

Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center we offer diagnostic imaging includes exams that allow a radiologist to quickly identify a condition and/or its stage of progression with a high degree of accuracy. Our board-certified radiologists and accredited technologists are available 24 hours a day to provide a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art diagnostic radiology services, quickly and safely. Our services range from use of x-rays, radio waves, or sound waves to non-invasively create images of the inside of the body. Sometimes the use a contrast agent makes certain tissue more visible in the images. A radiologist then examines these images looking for abnormalities. Common medical imaging exams that are available include CT scans, MRI, ultrasound, and x-rays. Diagnostic imaging also includes nuclear medicine. Nuclear medicine may diagnose illness by studying the function of the body rather than structure. It can also be used to treat various conditions. PVHMC offer PET/CT scan which is an integral part of lung cancer diagnosis and management. Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Computerized Tomography (CT) are both standard imaging tools that allow physicians to pinpoint the location of cancer within the body before making treatment recommendations

Why We Are Different

Why We Are Different

In early 2008 the Lung Cancer Program was initiated to serve as a vehicle for developing a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach for assessing, planning, monitoring, coordinating, and evaluating the delivery of lung cancer care services.

Our program includes seven independent physicians and eight medical groups for a total of 32 physicians. Lung cancer management is very complex and our team physicians are from primary care, radiology, pathology, pulmonology, cardiothoracic surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology and research to ensure that each patient is offered a comprehensive care.
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