Spine Surgery

Neurosurgery Technology

PVHMC is in collaboration with highly specially trained neurosurgeons and operating room staff is proud to offer a leading edge care for Neurosurgery with an individualized treatment plan. We offer a wide variety of minimally invasive procedure to shorten post –operative recovery. The hospital acquired a state of the art Surgical Navigation Technology for brain and spinal cord tumor. It provides the surgeon the “ability to see a patient’s anatomy in three dimensions and accurately pinpoint a location in the brain or spinal cord with the aid of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).” The information is then transferred to a computer in the operating room. By using this technology, the surgeon can accurately detect target location, make precise smaller incision, minimize trauma to patient, and shorten operating room and recovery time PVHMC is strongly committed and offers a wide variety of procedures to manage and treat neurosurgical conditions such as:


  • Craniotomy for tumors and aneurysms
  • Transphenoidal Hypophysectomy  for pituitary tumors
  • Expanded Endonasal approach for skull base tumor
  • Minimally invasive spinal procedures  
  • X-STOP
  • Reconstructive spine surgery  
  • Endoscopic VP shunt
  • Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty – minimally invasive procedures for vertebral fracture
  • Stereotactic procedure for tumor removal
  • Surgical Navigation Technology
  • Neurosurgery is a division of Surgery focused on the prevention, diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of disease affecting the central nervous system.  



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