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Because physical therapists are considered to be medical experts in biomechanics — the way the body moves and functions — we have long been trusted to help patients “get well” as they recover from injury and illness. So when it comes to staying healthy, it makes perfect sense that this same expertise and medical training would naturally allow us to maintain the body’s overall fitness and wellness. Our wellness and aftercare fitness programs are designed to do just that ... help you “stay well” and healthy!
Although our Wellness & Aftercare programs are located at our rehabilitation facilities, these programs are not Physical Therapy or Cardiac Rehabilitation. Wellness programs focus on an individual’s general health and fitness ... as opposed to PT and Cardiac Rehab where patients are directed through a structured recovery from a specific injury, disease or illness. Wellness sessions can be led or supervised by licensed physical therapists, licensed physical therapy assistants, certified massage therapists, physical therapy aides, exercise physiologists or athletic trainers.
Wellness participants are not required to have been a patient at PVHMC, however, in some cases, former patients may transition into our wellness and fitness programs as they regain their independence.

Aquatic Fitness Program

Aquatic Fitness Program

Supervised group classes allow participants to work independently on aquatic exercises in warm water indoor pools.  Benefits include: decreases the impact on weight bearing joints while exercising; builds endurance and strength; maintains or regains muscle tone; weight management.

  • Appropriate Participants — Independent exercisers; former Aquatic Therapy patients
  • Requirements — Enter/exit pool independently; thermal regulate in warm water; continent
  • Locations — Chino Hills Rehabilitation Clinic; Ability First in Claremont
  • Cost — $68/mo (8 sessions); $35/mo (4 sessions)

Health and Wellness Program

Exercise in a medically supervised fitness center located at PVHMC and staffed with physical therapists and clinical exercise physiologists who provide pre-participation health screening and risk stratification, blood pressure assessments, individually tailored exercise prescriptions and more. Program is structured to assist those in need of managing heart related conditions.
  • Appropriate Participants — Former Cardiac Rehabilitation patients; individuals managing cardiac risk factors such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, weight and sedentary lifestyles; anyone who might benefit from exercise.
  • Requirements — Ability to independently and safely walk and get on/off equipment. Demonstrates good safety judgment regarding exercise intensity and use of equipment.
  • Locations — Stead Cardiac & Wellness Center at PVHMC; Claremont Rehabilitation Clinic (exercise only)
  • Cost — $60/mo (8 sessions); $675/yr Annual Membership

Golf WELL Program

physical therapist and man golfing

One-on-one instruction in a personalized golf fitness workout by a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified golf fitness instructor and physical therapist. Program offers comprehensive evaluation of areas critical to the golf swing and workouts designed to improve flexibility, balance, strength, core stability and posture—to benefit your golf swing and help prevent injury.

  • Appropriate Participants — Healthy golfers of any age who ... want a golf specific fitness program; want to return to golf after an injury or surgery; have areas of pain and/or stiffness; need more strength or stability; do not improve even with lessons.
  • Requirements — Ability to safely swing a golf club without restrictions due to injury or recent surgery.
  • Location — Rehabilitation Services Department at PVHMC
  • Cost — $140 (evaluation); $90/hr (one-on-one training sessions)

Massage Therapy Program

Choice of a variety of massages performed in a private room by a medically trained and experienced Certified Massage Therapist (CMT). Benefits: relieves tired and aching muscles, cramps, spasms; can help low back pain, stiff neck, frequent headache; softens scar tissue; reduces chronic pain; increases flexibility and circulation; general relaxation.

  • Appropriate Participants — Individuals seeking relaxation; pregnant mothers; athletes; former physical therapy patients; those in need of a general body maintenance program.
  • Requirements — Knowledge and awareness of problems related to specific parts of the body (skin disorders, diabetic leg problems, heart problems, pregnancy, etc)
  • Location — Rehabilitation Services Department at PVHMC
  • Cost — $80 (full hour); $45 (half hour) — Swedish, Sports, Acupressure/Shiatsu massage                                     $90 (full hour); $55 (half hour) — Deep Tissue, Pregnancy massage

Pilates Program

Pilates Program
An exercise technique that emphasizes core stabilization as well as upper and lower extremity strengthening. Pilates focuses on posture while developing coordination, balance, control and fluid movement.  We offer one-on-one training by a physical therapist who is also a STOTT Certified Pilates Instructor.  Benefits include: longer, leaner muscles; improved posture; increased balance and flexibility; enhanced sports performance.
  • Appropriate Participants — Anyone from rehab patients to elite athletes
  • Requirements — Painfree; no recent injuries that could be aggravated by exercise
  • Location — Claremont Rehabilitation Clinic
  • Cost — $65/hr (private session); $35/half hour (private session)

PT Gym Fitness Program

PT Gym Fitness Program
Participants utilize the equipment in our rehabilitative gym to perform an independent exercise routine. Our rehab personnel monitor participant’s safety and are available to answer questions. Benefits include: build strength and flexibility in a safe, non-intimidating environment; excellent for former patients as they regain their independence.
  • Appropriate Participants — Independent exercisers; former physical therapy patients
  • Requirements — Ability to independently and safely walk and get on/off equipment. Demonstrates good safety judgment regarding exercise intensity and use of equipment.
  • Locations — All PVHMC Rehabilitation Clinics (Pomona, Claremont, Chino Hills, Covina)
  • Cost — $60/mo (8 sessions); $675/yr annual membership

What Is Needed To Participate

Each wellness and aftercare participant is required to have written clearance to participate from their doctor. All of our wellness programs are cash-based with non-refundable payment due at the first session. Wellness programs do not require a prescription and the enrolled participant’s medical insurance will not be billed. Wellness visits are good for one year from date of purchase.

How To Register

1.  Let your doctor know which program you are interested in joining.

2.  Ask him/her to sign the “Medical Clearance to Participate” form.

3.  Call (909) 865-9810 ... to register by phone, clearly designating the specific “Wellness Program” you are interested in joining...


4.  The wellness program leader for your program will call you to make an appointment for your first session.
5.  To complete the registration process at your first session, you must sign a waiver of liability and have the “Medical Clearance to Participate” form from your doctor.

What To Wear And Bring

All participants:
    • Bring your signed “Medical Clearance to Participate” form.
    • Bring cash payment or credit card to pay according to your program.
For Aquatic Fitness bring:
    • Swimsuit ...  or shorts and shirt
    • Towel
    • Pool or aquashoes (optional)
All others:
    • Wear loose fitting clothing
    • Wear proper fitting athletic or tennis shoes
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