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Stroke Care

Stroke Care

PVHMC has been providing comprehensive stroke services to our region and surrounding communities since 2010. Our stroke program addresses the rapid assessment, diagnosis and treatment of stroke. A stroke is caused by the interruption of blood flow to the brain. This interruption is the result of either a blockage from a blood clot or the bursting of a blood vessel. 85% of strokes are the result of a blocked blood vessel.

Every second counts in the treatment of stroke patients. The faster the patient identifies the symptoms of the stroke the sooner they can get to the hospital the faster we can treat them. Patients lose millions of brain cells every second blood flow is interrupted to the brain.

PVHMC wants you to BE FAST. Know the signs and symptoms of stroke and act FAST.

B ALANCE: Sudden loss of balance or coordination

E YE: Sudden loss of vision in one or both eyes

F ACE : Facial droop, uneven smile

A RM: numbness, arm weakness

S PEECH: Slurred speech, difficulty speaking or understanding

T IME : Call 911. Get to PVHMC/hospital immediately

Stroke care starts when you call 911, and continues into the acute hospital with treatment option that include TPA, the clot busting mediation as well as thrombectomy, the removal of a blood clot from the blood vessel in the brain, causing the stroke.

PVHMC is proud to share our results with our community demonstrating our commitment to BE FAST treatment of stroke. Below is a graph demonstrating our time from patient entry to PVHMC to the administration of the clot busting drug tPA. It also compare our outcomes with other Los Angeles County and other Primary Stroke Centers across the nation.

For more information about stroke; signs and symptoms of treatment options, stroke rehabilitation and our stroke support group, please call 909.865.9858.