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Pharmacy Residency Program Features


The residents are expected to complete the Teaching and Learning Certificate Program offered through Western University of Health Sciences, College of Pharmacy.


The residency is structured in rotations across a variety of clinical and administrative areas and includes both block and longitudinal rotations. The required rotations provide a breadth of experiences throughout the inpatient hospital setting. The elective rotations will provide the resident opportunities to individualize the residency based on their areas of interest. Required rotations may be repeated during elective blocks if the resident chooses Length of elective rotations can be structured based on the resident’s level of interest.

Upon satisfactory completion of the one-year residency, the participant will receive a Certificate of Completion of a Residency issued by Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center. The certification of completion requires:

Required block rotations (6 weeks) Required longitudinal learning experiences Elective block rotations
  • Orientation (6 weeks)
  • Infectious Disease (6 weeks)
  • Critical Care (6 weeks)
  • Emergency department (6 weeks)
  • Internal Medicine (6 weeks)
  • Family Medicine (6 weeks)
  • Staffing - Every other weekend (11 months)
  • Ambulatory Clinics (9 months)
  • Family Medicine Clinic
  • Pharmacy Administration/ (12 months)
  • Medication Safety (3 months)
  • Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee (3 months)
  • Pharmacy Management (3 months)
  • Leadership – Chief Resident (3 months)
  • Teaching Certificate with Affiliated School of Pharmacy
  • Residency Project (12 months)
  • Project to be selected at beginning of residency year
  • Trauma ICU (4-6 weeks)
  • Neonatal ICU/Pediatrics (4-6 weeks)
  • Informatics (2-4 weeks)
  • Oncology (4-6 weeks)
  • Academia (4-6 weeks)
  • Pharmacy Management (4-6 weeks)

Minimum Requirements to Receive a Resident Certificate

  • Completion of a full-time practice commitment for 12 months.
  • Successfully passing the California State Board of Pharmacy pharmacist examination.
  • Residents must “achieve” all patient care (R1) objectives, “achieve” at least 85% of all other objectives, and have no more than 1 objective in the other competency areas as “needs improvement”
  • Completion of the Teaching Certificate program at Western University of Health Sciences, College of Pharmacy
  • Completion of the Checklist for Completion of Residency Requirements
  • Completion of a major project and preparation of a podium presentation suitable for the Western States Conference
  • Completion of a 1 hour Grand Rounds lecture at PVHMC
  • Participation in resident recruitment showcases and selection of the following year’s residents.