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After Surgery

Post-Surgery, In-Hospital Goals

  • You will spend one night in the hospital after both Hip and Knee Replacement surgery.
  • Patients ambulate from gurney to bed on arrival to unit from PACU
  • PT Uniforms to encourage mobilization and feeling of wellness after surgery
  • Active assisted Knee Range of Motion exercises after knee replacement surgery.
  • Physical Therapy (PT) Evaluation and Treatment on the Day of Surgery occurs in the afternoon or evening after surgery, once the patient is on the floor. Our goal is for patients to walk on the day of surgery.
  • PT twice a day until discharged home
  • Occupational Therapy (OT) once a day until discharged home for Hip Replacements and until tasks are mastered for Knee Replacements. OT addresses Activities of Daily Living such as using the restroom, getting dressed, etc.
  • Case Management begins on POD # 1 to ensure a timely discharge
  • Patients are discharged home with their coach after one night in the hospital.
  • Durable Medical Equipment and Home Health PT or RN services or Outpatient PT will be ordered based on patient’s needs prior to discharge

BASICSS after Joint Replacement: HIP or KNEEbasicss

The BASICSS is the pneumonic we use to help educate patients on the important factors in self-care after surgery.

  • Blood clot prevention
  • MedicAtions
  • Signs/Symptoms to report
  • Incision Care
  • PreCautions/Safety
  • ExerciseS/ Equipment
  • Follow up with Surgeon

Post-Discharge Follow-Up Phone Call

Patient who are discharged home from the hospital receive a follow up phone call from the Joint Replacement Program checking on:

  • Patients progress now that they are home
  • Verify patients received their Durable Medical Equipment and / or Home Health Services
  • Educate as needed

Our Joint Replacement Program includes a comprehensive, multidisciplinary team approach to standardize care and to provide optimal outcomes for our patients. We believe in providing “Expert Care with a Personal Touch.”


Most insurance plans cover joint replacement surgery, but you should check with your health plan to determine the extent of your coverage.

Need a Doctor?

Call PVHMC’s Physician Referral Line at 909.865.9782 or visit our website to find a doctor.