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  • Annual New Beginnings Picnic

    We hosted our Fourth Annual New Beginnings Picnic on July 26 to celebrate cardiac rehab, heart failure and stroke survivors along with their families and caregivers. While both heart and stroke patients have individual support groups, this picnic provided the opportunity for survivors and caregivers to come together to share their experiences and celebrate triumphs. Our cardiovascular team also ... Read Full Article [+]
  • Summer Camping Safety

    It’s no wonder that camping is rising in popularity (2018 North American Camping Report), as busy, over-programmed families seek activities that allow them to unplug and recharge their emotional and physical health. Connecting with nature can be good for the body and mind, but there are some health and safety tips to keep in mind before you pitch a tent at your favorite campground. 1. ... Read Full Article [+]
  • President's Circle Award - Honoring Pomona's Finest

    Each year, Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center (PVHMC) recognizes Associates who have truly lived out our organization's C.H.A.N.G.E. Values through their exemplary actions. Our C.H.A.N.G.E. Values, which stand for Customer Satisfaction, Honor & Respect, Accountability, New Ideas, Growing Continuously, and Excellence, are values that each of our Associates commit to implementing in their ... Read Full Article [+]
  • Once a C-Section, Always a C-Section?

    By Maria Siu, DO, FACOG, Obstetrician/Gynecologist Between 1970 and 2016, the Cesarean-section (C-section) rate in the United States increased from 5% to 31.9%. The belief in "once a C-section, always a C-section" is one of the reasons that the C-section rate has increased. However, in 2010, the National Institutes of Health recognized that trying vaginal birth after C-section was a ... Read Full Article [+]
  • Avoid Trauma This Fourth of July

    By Dr. Michael Jimenez, Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center Director of Trauma If there’s one thing that says “summer,” it’s the thought of celebrating July Fourth. Americans across the country fire up the grill, lay out their blankets for the biggest and best fireworks that light up the night, and enjoy libations with friends and family. But sometimes, the fun comes with ... Read Full Article [+]
  • Screening Tests Every Man Should Consider

    By Elmer Pineda, M.D., President, Medical Staff Most of us know that routine physical exams are critical to maintaining good health. So, why are men less likely to get annual physicals and screening exams? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), women are 33 percent more likely than men to visit a doctor—even excluding pregnancy-related visits. The CDC also ... Read Full Article [+]
  • Five Ways to Prevent the Most Commonly Diagnosed and Most Preventable Type of Cancer

    Five Ways to Prevent the Most Commonly Diagnosed and Most Preventable Type of Cancer By Preeti Chaudhary, MD, Medical Oncologist, PVHMC Did you know Pomona has an average of 284 sunny days per year? This means we are vulnerable to the dangerous effects of the sun for most of the year. But in the summer months, we tend to spend even more time outside—visiting the beach, a baseball game, ... Read Full Article [+]
  • Aquatic Therapy Pool in La Verne Now Open!

    Our Second Aquatic Therapy Pool is Now Open in La Verne! We are pleased to announce our brand new aquatic therapy pool in La Verne is Medicare approved and ready for Aquatic Therapy and Aquatic Wellness. The pool is located inside our Physical Therapy Clinic at the new PVHC La Verne—2333 Foothill Blvd, Suite A. Our other aquatic therapy pool is housed inside our Chino Hills Physical Therapy ... Read Full Article [+]
  • Recognizing and Reducing Stress

    By Dr. Michael Deanda, Medical Director at Pomona Valley Health Center La Verne One of the best ways to manage stress and its effects on the body is to become aware of it. Now is an ideal time to pause and assess your stress, the toll it might be taking on your mental and physical well-being and ways to better manage it. What is stress? Stress is the tension you feel when dealing with challenging ... Read Full Article [+]
  • Better Speech and Hearing - Communication for All

    Did you know? Communication disorders are among the most common childhood disabilities nationwide, with 11% of children ages 3–6 having a speech, language, voice, or swallowing disorder—and almost 15% of school-age children experiencing some degree of hearing loss. These disorders are treatable and, in some cases, can be reversed or even prevented with the help of a pediatric ... Read Full Article [+]
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