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Community Outreach

2023 Community Benefit Plan and Implementation Strategy


As a community hospital, PVHMC continuously reflects upon its responsibility to provide high-quality health care services, especially to the most vulnerable populations in need, and to renew its commitment while finding new ways to fulfill its charitable purpose. Part of that commitment is supporting advanced levels of technology, staffing, training, equipment, and facilities. PVHMC works vigorously to meet its role in maintaining a healthy community by identifying health-related problems and developing ways to address them.

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PVHMC openly welcomes questions and comments related to our Community Health Needs Assessment, Community Benefit Plan and Implementation Strategy. Please direct feedback to Leigh Cornell, FACHE Vice President of Administration, at

Community Health Needs Assessment

In an effort to identify the community's health needs, and consistent with legislation, Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center partnered withCHNA report California State University San Bernardino to conduct a formal community health needs assessment. The assessment is intended to be a resource for PVHMC to identify and prioritize the health needs of our community as well as to assist with the development of activities and programs that can help improve and enhance the health and well -being of the residents of Pomona Valley.

For a copy of the full report, please click on the PDF below.