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Patient Family Advisor Program

About Us

The perspective of our patients and caregivers is vital in enhancing the quality of the healthcare experience at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center. Our Advisors, former patients and/or family members, that have received care at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, bring their unique and essential perspectives to hospital practices. Each Advisor serves on hospital committees and engages with patients in a variety of ways. The team of Advisors meet monthly to share information, make suggestions, report on work group activities and to discuss new ideas as a team. The Patient and Family Advisors also provide a voice that represents all patients who receive care by actively partnering with hospital doctors, nurses, and administrators to develop new programs. Advisors teach about and advocate for the hospital as well as share their ideas on how to improve health care and the patient experience.

Our Mission

At Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center we know that excellent patient care requires a deep understanding of the needs of our patients and their families. Partnering with hospital leadership and clinical staff, our Patient and Family Advisors are here to listen attentively to patients and families, learn about their healthcare experiences, and promote ideas for improvement. Our advisors aim to hear the voices and experiences of our patients and their families. As part of the Hospital's mission, the Patient and Family Advisors help improve the quality of our Hospital's care for all patients and family members.

Become a Patient Family Advisor

Are you interested in becoming a Patient and Family Advisor? To be eligible, you or a family member must have received care at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center within the last 3 years. Advisors have many different skills and talents, but there are some important characteristics they all share:

  • They are not afraid to speak up and share suggestions and potential solutions to help improve care for others
  • They are comfortable talking about their own experiences as a patient or family member, but they also think beyond their own personal experiences
  • They are willing to talk about both positive and negative care experiences and share ideas about what went well and what could have been done better
  • They work well with people who may be different from them
  • They listen carefully to and think seriously about what others say, even when they disagree
  • They bring a positive attitude to discussions
  • They keep information they hear as Advisors private and confidential Council members play an essential role in the hospital’s mission to exceptional patient and family-centered care.

To get more information about becoming an advisor or to find out how to apply: Call: Wray Ryback at (909) 865-9598 Email:

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