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A Salute to Falco

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A Salute to Falco

A salute to Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center’s (PVHMC) newly retired K9, Falco!

Falco is retiring at 11 years old and dedicated many years of service as one of our Security Department’s three K9s, trained in both bomb detection and apprehension.

Falco was a “good boy!” and his furry presence helped calm many situations; and though his top priority was to maintain safety on our hospital campus, he also brought joy and relief to patients and visitors during his patrols of the units.

Falco had so much love for our PVHMC Associates, and the Associates spoiled him right back with endless affirmations, “Atta boy!,” and loving pets as Falco patrolled our hospital.

Falco loved his toys dearly - the Security Officers he worked with would often reward Falco with a plastic bottle toy at the end of his shift. He also had a uniquely memorable passion for orange construction cones, known to him as “evil cones,” and would bark at any that he felt were too close to him.

Falco is ending his career as a shining star and recipient of a 3rd place trophy in bomb detection, which he received at the Riverside Sheriff’s Department’s K9 Trial and Public Safety Fair earlier this year.

Falco will be living the life of luxury and retiring with his most recent K9 Handler, Nathan Strickland, who has also retired from our Security Department. Please join us in congratulating Falco on his retirement. Go play and be free, Falco!