Breast Prosthesis Resource List

Specialty Women's Health Shoppe

555 S. Lake Ave., Pasadena, CA 91101

Prosthesis – Tru-life, Jodee, Amoena, Classique
Bras – Large variety
Swimwear – Limited
Will bill Medicare
No sewing
Will also make home visits
Call for an appointment

Beeman's Boutique

355 E. 21st St., San Bernardino, CA 92404

Prosthesis – Amoena, Bali, Camp, American Breast Care
Bras – Large variety
Swimwear – Large variety all year and all sizes
*Will bill insurance
Call for an appointment with a certified fitter

Additional Information:

  • If you have had surgery recently, check with your surgeon to make sure you are healed enough to be fitted for a prosthesis and bra. Healing time is required since you have pain, tenderness and swelling post surgery. When your doctor says you are ready, and only then, should you be fitted with a breast substitute suited for you.
  • The American Cancer Society carries lightweight foam prostheses that can be used temporarily after surgery until you have healed. Please call the Breast Health Nurse at 909.865.9691.
  • The costs of prostheses and bras with pockets is tax deductible, along with your other medical expenses. Be sure to mark on the bills and your checks the word “Surgical” to ensure getting the tax deduction and for insurance coverage. Ask your surgeon to write a prescription for your prosthesis as follows: Surgical prosthesis and bras for mastectomy/lumpectomy patient. Sales tax cannot be charged on surgical items.
  • The American Cancer Society has a prosthesis bank for women under financial hardship. Please call them for further info at 626.966.9994 x 3.
  • Call and make an appointment (with a certified prosthesis fitter). Try on several different types (from different manufacturers), as they all fit a little differently as you will want the best fit and feel for you. Once purchased, most prostheses can not be returned – so choose wisely.
  • Some salespeople are inclined to make sweeping and unfounded claims or to use pressure. Take time to decide what is best for you and don’t be unduly swayed by the salesperson.
  • Some women require a prosthesis with underarm extension.
  • Most prostheses are weighted in various ways to balance the remaining breast. While some small breasted women can wear un-weighted forms, but larger breasted women need the weight to feel balanced and to help prevent back and shoulder problems.
  • Your bra size will not be the same as when you were wearing a regular bar due to the amount of breast tissue removed.
  • Wear a form-fitting top while trying on the prosthesis so you can get an idea of how natural it looks.
  • Try to wear the prosthesis for half-an-hour before making a decision.
  • Check the store’s return policy and read the care instructions before purchasing. Also check to see if they bill your insurance or if you must pay now and get reimbursed later.
  • The purchase of prostheses is covered under Medicare. Once the deductible is met, Medicare will pay 80% (up to a maximum). Some private medical insurance policies pay for special bras, so be sure to ask about that. Call your membership service department (listed on the back of your insurance card) to determine if you have been assigned a specific store to go to, or if you can go anywhere. They can also tell you the number of bras and prostheses that are covered.

The Bra Lady

958 N. Central, Ave., Upland, CA 91786

Prosthesis – Nearly Me
Bras – custom fit and will add pockets
Swimwear – will add pockets
Does NOT bill insurance
Large selection of lingerie – will add pockets to nightgowns
Call for an appointment with a certified fitter

Creative Women

1530 S. Myrtle Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016

Prosthesis – Classique (Partials) Camp/Trulife, Amoena, Airway, Bosom Buddy, Silima, American Breast Care
Bras – Many brands
Swimwear – Best in local area
*Will bill Medicare
Bi-lingual fitters always available.
On site sewing – will sew in pockets and pads

Nordstrom (Montclair Plaza)

Lingerie Dept.
5015 Montclair Plaza Lane, Montclair, CA 91763

Prosthesis – Amoena
Bras – Amoena
Swimwear – Can buy in Active Wear Dept.
If you buy a regular bra, they will sew in a pocket for FREE.

Pomona Surgical Supply

733 E. Holt Ave., Pomona, CA 91767

Prosthesis – Airway, Jobst, Naturalwear, Freeman, Nearly Me, Trulife, Jodee, Amoena, Active Life
Bras – Airway, Amoena, Camp, Jodee
Swimwear – None
*Will bill Medicare
Call for an appointment with a certified fitter

Hanger Orthopedic Group

3602 Inland Empire Blvd., Ontario, CA 91764

Prosthesis – Amoena, Camp
Bras – Amoena, Camp
Swimwear – None
*Will bill Medicare
*Will take Medi-Cal
No sewing
Call for an appointment with a certified fitter

Information on Where to Purchase Breast Prostheses and Other Items

This list is intended as a resource to assist in finding a breast substitute (prosthesis), bra, lingerie or swimwear after a mastectomy or lumpectomy. This is not an endorsement or recommendation of any specific item or store. It is not intended to be a complete and/or accurate listing, as some stores and products do change.

Nordstrom (Galleria Mall)

Lingerie Dept.
The Galleria Mall, Riverside, CA 92506

Prosthesis – Amoena
Bras – Amoena
Swimwear – Can buy in Active Dept.
Will sew pockets in for FREE on items bought there

Fresh Peaches

12033 Jack Benny Dr., Suite 101, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739

Hours – Tuesday – Saturday; 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Will add pocket or pads
Swimwear – Will make custom bathing suits
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