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Many people with heart failure lead normal, active lives. They do so because they have learned to take good care of themselves. Our Heart Failure Patient Education Program is designed to help you learn to live successfully with heart failure. We want you to learn about your body, the disease and methods of treatment. You can take control over heart failure by carefully following proper medication advice and healthy lifestyle changes. If you do, you may be able to lead an active and satisfying life.


Our program provides detailed information, group lectures and peer interaction for individuals with heart failure and will help you to:


  • Understand your treatment plan
  • Learn how to actively work with your doctor or nurse so you can feel better
  • Learn how to overcome common stumbling blocks in following your treatment plan of your life

Heart Failure Will Be A Permanent Part Of Your Life

The attention you give to following your treatment plan will pay off for you! You can improve your ability to be active, your quality of life and the length of your life by following a treatment plan like the one we teach at the Stead Heart and Vascular Center. We know that following a treatment plan can be difficult. If you are having trouble sticking to your treatment plan, please do not change anything. Talk with your nurse or primary healthcare provider for help.


The hurdles people often experience are:

  • Cost of medicines
  • Side-effects of medicines
  • Depression
  • Complexity of treatment
  • Difficulty following recommended diet


We can help and we want to help. Talk with your nurse or primary healthcare provider about any barriers and we can work out solutions together. We are here for you!

Nationally Recognized For Saving Lives of Patients With Heart Failure

Nationally Recognized For Saving Lives of Patients With Heart Failure

The American Heart Association and American Stroke Association recognize the Stead Heart and Vascular Center at PVHMC for achieving at least two years of 85 percent or higher adherence to all Get With The Guidelines program quality indicators to improve quality of patient care and outcomes.


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