Team of Experts

Wide Range of Expertise

Wide Range of Expertise
Our staff at the PVHMC Sports Medicine Center consists of board-certified physicians, residents and licensed physical therapists specially trained to take care of everything from routine sports physicals to the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of serious sport-related musculoskeletal injuries. Working together as a team, we develop and provide each athlete with a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan for a quick, effective recovery and a safe return to activity.
To determine the best treatment protocol for each type of injury and to meet the various needs of our wide range of athletes, the SMC team meets on a regular basis to share information, review clinical research, and track each patient’s progress.
Our team of qualified experts has the knowledge and experience needed to help athletes prevent injuries, rehabilitate after injuries, improve performance, and maximize athletic potential. As sports enthusiasts ourselves, we also have a true understanding and appreciation of the physical and emotional demands associated with sports. Getting our athletes ‘back in the game’ is important to us because … it is important to them!

SMC Leadership

SMC Medical Director ... Duane Styles, MD
SMC Administrative Director ... Rick Rossman, PT, MS
SPORTS MEDICINE CENTER at PVHMC ... (909) 865-9810 / Fax (909) 620-6724
Athletic Care From Injury Through Return To Play
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