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Breastfeeding is the Best Feeding

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Breastfeeding is the Best Feeding

In recognition of National Breastfeeding Awareness month, held each year in August, Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center (PVHMC) honors each and every breastfeeding mother who walks through its doors, whether you're a patient, visitor or Associate of the Hospital. PVHMC empowers every mom and her baby's right to breastfeed, wherever and whenever there is a need.

While many mothers don't yet have the proper resources or ability to breastfeed or pump outside of maternity leave, PVHMC reached out to Lindsey Medina, Volunteer Coordinator at the Hospital, and mother of four, to share her many breastfeeding experiences after returning to work.

How many children have you had and returned to work to pump with?

“I have four children. I have worked here at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center since before I had any children. I returned to work when each of them was five months old and pumped through their first birthdays.”

How long did you breastfeed each child, including pumping after returning to work?

“I breastfed the first three until their first birthdays. In fact, I am still breastfeeding my youngest, although I am no longer pumping. She is 16 months old now.”

Did you have any difficulty in taking a break from your responsibilities to pump?

“On a normal day, I did not have any trouble leaving to go pump. However, I did have difficulty on days when a special event was planned, whether it was for a meeting, birthday lunch, or hospital-wide tour or celebration. Sometimes, I was still able to pump, but other times, I was just not able to get away.

“I have the opportunity to work in a Hospital where breastfeeding rooms are available as a resource to me. The rooms were available at least 95% of the time, and I didn’t mind waiting when they were full. It made me happy to know that another mom was using them.

“I am also lucky to have a refrigerator in my department. Working in such a small department, and with all women, most of the time, no one minded my breast milk next to their sandwich. I don’t know if other moms are all so lucky.”

What advice or tips do you have for moms who are, or are planning to, return to work and pump?

“Well, most of my friends are surprised when I tell them that their health insurance now covers an electric breast pump. Having a pump at home certainly helps to build a store of milk for days when I have to miss pumping, when something happens to the milk (I forget it in the car, etc.), when I forget the milk here in the fridge, and for the first day back to work.”

Lindsey also says that she would encourage all moms who plan to pump and return to work to be proactive in finding out where they can conveniently and comfortably pump and store their milk. Breastfeeding is the best feeding for both mother and baby.

If you're having trouble breastfeeding, or have any questions about breastfeeding, contact PVHMC's Lactation Center at (909) 623-MILK (6455), or visit: