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Sweet Success: Healthy Babies, Healthy Moms

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Sweet Success: Healthy Babies, Healthy Moms

Diabetes is a complication for 7-14 percent of pregnant women. Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center’s (PVHMC) Sweet Success program is a California State Diabetes and Pregnancy Education Program affiliate that helps pregnant women with diabetes or gestational diabetes deliver healthy babies.

Mom Holding Newborn

“During pregnancy, good blood sugar control is very important for both the mom and the fetus,” said Laura Smith, RN, Clinical Supervisor. “If we catch diabetes early in the pregnancy, we can decrease birth defects, Cesarean rates, and other complications, as well as the baby’s chance of needing care in the NICU.”

The Sweet Success program consists of dietary counseling, education and blood glucose monitoring for the duration of a woman’s pregnancy and up to six weeks after she delivers. Women who need care after that are referred to additional resources.

“In the initial class, women receive a glucometer, learn how to check their blood sugar, learn what diabetes is all about and learn how to create a healthy eating plan to minimize diabetic complications,” Laura said. “Then they come in every one to two weeks for one-on-one follow-up with one of our specialized nurses. We review their blood sugar log and diet, make suggestions, and start them on medications or insulin if they need it.”

The program, which started in 1993, is among the only one of its kind in the region.

PVHMC's Sweet Success Team

“The level of education we provide is so important because it is a life-long change,” Laura said. “Women with gestational diabetes have about a 60 percent chance of developing diabetes later in life. Often the women in our program share this healthy eating education with their families so changes are being incorporated throughout the entire family.”