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Why I Volunteer - Joan Luke

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  • Written By: Joan Luke
Why I Volunteer - Joan Luke

As long as I can remember I wanted to be a nurse and serve people. After graduating, I went on to do just that. As a child I was taught in church that it is a privilege and honor to serve others.

My wonderful neighbor is such an example of service to others and is a volunteer at PVHMC. She encouraged me to volunteer when I retired and I did just that. I love the staff and guests, and I feel I receive more than I give. I suppose that’s selfishness on my part!

I look forward to seeing the children’s eyes light up when they ride in the shuttle and compare it to a Disney ride, or the delight of a person who is struggling to walk when I offer them a ride, or directing guests when they’re lost.

Those experiences are priceless.

Learn more about our High School, College and Adult Volunteer Programs here.