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Making Pediatric Rehabilitation Services More Accessible to Families

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Making Pediatric Rehabilitation Services More Accessible to Families

A number of babies are born each year pre-mature, with chromosome abnormalities or other birth defects – and many other infants and toddlers receive a diagnosis of autism which contributes to an increased need for pediatric rehabilitation services such as physical, occupational and speech therapy. Hilda Correa is a mother who knows just how vital these services are to families of children with developmental disabilities – especially within San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties where demand is outpacing convenient access to pediatric rehabilitation services.

Hilda’s daughter Tori, who turned three in June, was born with Down syndrome. They have relied on Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center’s (PVHMC) Milestones Center for Child Development (Milestones) since 2017. The Milestones facilities and clinical programming are designed to help children with developmental disabilities or delays maximize their potential. The occupational therapy Tori received while at Milestones has supported her growth and development – from learning how to sign words to better communicate with her family to identifying new objects around her. But Tori isn’t the only one who has received life-changing support at Milestones. Over the last two years, Hilda has also received an abundance of resources and support from Milestones, helping her to feel more confident in the decisions she makes for her daughter.

When they first began receiving rehabilitation services, Hilda and Tori would drive from Diamond Bar to the Milestones Center in Claremont. While Hilda was grateful for the services, the travel to get the best care placed an added strain on her. When PVHMC opened a second Milestones location in Chino Hills in March 2019, Hilda was thrilled to have these services closer to home.

“Having a child with a developmental disability can be overwhelming because we don’t know what services and support they need to help them reach their developmental milestones,” said Hilda. “When I first started taking Tori to Milestones, it was a lot of information to take in, but the therapists and staff were very helpful and understanding. They answer all my questions and address any concerns I may have. They get as excited as we do when our child learns something new.”

Dedicated exclusively to the developmental needs of children, the new 2,686-square foot Milestones Center for Child Development offers comprehensive pediatric physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech and language therapy services. This also includes treatment for a variety of diagnoses including cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism, hearing loss, cleft lip and palate, muscle imbalances, scoliosis, developmental delays and more. To learn more about PVHMC’s Milestones Center for Child Development and the services please visit