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Meant to Be at PVHMC

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Meant to Be at PVHMC

Lorena and Jaime both grew up in the Pomona-area, but it wasn’t until many years later when both had established careers in law enforcement that their paths finally, fatefully crossed. The two instantly connected when they met more than 500 miles away at a get-together of a mutual friend. They soon discovered they were both born at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center (PVHMC) and shared many of the same pastimes during their childhood. Their journey in love and in life soon began and a few years later they were living happily back in Southern California with a two-year-old son, Jaime, named after his father.

When Lorena found out she was pregnant with their second child in November of 2019, she was excited – until the pandemic struck and her birth plan changed. She became stressed at the thought that she might be alone during her delivery and immediately began researching visitation restrictions at hospitals nearby.

She was relieved to see that PVHMC, true to its patient and family-centered care commitment, permitted a healthy support person to be with her during her entire labor, delivery, postpartum and recovery stay. And so, on Monday, July 27, nearly 40 weeks pregnant, Lorena and Jaime arrived to PVHMC’s Women’s Center, confident and ready to welcome their second baby boy into the world.

Jaime supported Lorena through her labor overnight and into Tuesday, July 28, and was surprised when Dr. Stephanie Cropper, their OB/GYN, spontaneously asked if he wanted to help deliver their son.

Feelings of nervousness, fear and excitement all rushed through Jaime as he donned a pair of clean gloves. As Lorena began her final pushes, Dr. Cropper led him in gently guiding out his newborn son, Javier, and laying him on Lorena’s chest. It was a beautiful, unforgettable birth that the parents say they will never forget.

We welcome baby Javier to our PVHMC family and express our deep gratitude to Lorena and Jaime for their service to our community and country!