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Valentine’s Day Treats that Your Sweetheart (and Their Heart) Will Love!

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  • Written By: Shannon Perrett, RD, Clinical Nutrition Manager
Valentine’s Day Treats that Your Sweetheart (and Their Heart) Will Love!

Looking for a heart-friendly Valentine’s Day treat to share with your loved one? Try some of these sweet, healthier alternatives:

  • Dark chocolate, which contains 50-90% cocoa, is more beneficial for the heart than milk chocolate. You can even dip strawberries in melted dark chocolate for added fiber and vitamin C.
  • Fruit and yogurt dip – celebrate with red colored fruit and dip into low fat vanilla yogurt mixed with cinnamon.
  • Make a pink smoothie – Blend cranberry or pomegranate juice with low fat milk, and bananas. You can also make pink milk by blending strawberries with low fat milk.
  • Festive XOXO trail mix – Mix together O-shaped cereal and pretzel sticks along with dried cranberries and strawberries.
  • Banana split love boats – Split a peeled banana down the middle and top with low fat vanilla Greek yogurt and sliced strawberries, cherries or raspberries.
  • Send a fruit bouquet instead of milk chocolates or cupcakes.

For any of these treats, remember that moderation is key! Other ways to make your Valentine’s Day a heart-healthy affair are start your evening with a nutritious meal and end it with a brisk, romantic walk through your neighborhood.

Don't forget - the healthiest and best thing to give on Valentine’s Day is love!