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Tayler Peterson, RN, LDRP

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Tayler Peterson, RN, LDRP

Tayler Peterson, RN, has worked as a labor and delivery nurse at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center (PVHMC) for more than seven years. She began in 2015 fresh out of nursing school in our New Grad RN program and has flourished over the years to gain specialized training in labor, delivery and postpartum care, triage, maternal-fetal transport and the operating room. Tayler credits the culture, work structure and plethora of growth opportunities as reasons she chooses to stay at PVHMC.

“The difficult nature of nursing is inevitable, but when you have a hospital like PVHMC that prioritizes support for staff in areas like new opportunities, flexibility, and education and training, it eases a lot of those stressful aspects of the job,” says Tayler. “Everyone at PVHMC loves their job…you do not always see that at other hospitals.”

As a Magnet-designated hospital and high risk maternity center with one of the largest delivery volumes in the state of California, nurses at PVHMC have unique opportunities to grow their knowledge and experience, and which allow them to fully utilize and refine both technical and critical thinking skills. The hospital also offers reimbursement for higher education and credentialing, propelling nurses to their highest potential while simultaneously advancing treatment and outcomes to the mothers and babies they care for.

“Perhaps what I am most grateful for is the hospital’s assurance to maintaining a healthy work environment,” adds Tayler. “Together with the support, teamwork and mentorship of my colleagues, we are able to save and deliver lives and still maintain a good work-life balance - and that is what it is all about.”

Join the award-winning team at PVHMC and gain access to the tools and support you need to advance your skills in maternity care and perform at the highest professional level.