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Nursing is a Family Affair for Mother-Daughter Duo at PVHMC

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Nursing is a Family Affair for Mother-Daughter Duo at PVHMC

Jay Owens, MSN, RN, CNML, CMSRN, nursing director at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center (PVHMC), wanted to be a nurse ever since she was a child. When she was growing up, she had a neighbor who was a nurse and she loved hearing the stories she shared about helping people in need. Now, 33 years later, Jay still loves her job.

“It’s an honor to be part of a team and provide care for people when they need it most,” says Jay. “I love building relationships with patients and their families, earning their trust and being part of their journey in healing.”

Born and raised in Southern California, Jay has been at PVMHC for her entire career. The family atmosphere at PVHMC never once allowed her a thought of going anywhere else. Jay went from being a new graduate nurse to charge nurse, to clinical supervisor, nurse manager, and now, nurse director. She's grown alongside the hospital and her colleagues.

“It’s the connection with others and the positive changes we make along the way that brings me satisfaction,” Jay says. “I’m fortunate to work with others who share the same dedication to give back to our patients and our community.”

In fact, Jay’s stories of how much she loved her job at PVHMC inspired her daughter, Ayla Owens, RN, to become a nurse, too. As a child, she visited her mom at work often. Many of the staff that watched Ayla grow up are still at the hospital today. At the age of 21, Ayla started her nursing career, just like her mom.

“Working in postpartum is so special. I get the honor of being a big part of people's lives as they welcome a child into the world,” says Ayla. “I love to hear families tell me I’ve made a difference as I supported them through their birth journey.”

Ayla loves babies and always wanted to work in maternity services at PVHMC. She attended Chaffey College and held a temporary position in PVHMC’s outpatient services, later moving into the main operating room as a secretary. She then took a position on the medical surgical 4 unit (MS4) while in nursing school. Now she is a nurse in PVHMC’s postpartum unit. Ayla wants to give back to her patients, just like all the wonderful maternity nurses gave to her as she recently gave birth to her firstborn daughter, Myla Mae Jaynene, on May 3, 2023.

“Working in the same hospital as my mom is the best,” says Ayla. “I'm so proud to work with her, she's made such an impact on the hospital and patients, and her bright personality makes a difference just by coming into contact with people.”

At one time, Jay’s mother Pam, her daughter Ayla, her sister Lori and her two nieces Carlie and Caitlyn, all worked at PVHMC at the same time. Lori, who currently works on MS4, has worked at PVHMC for 31 years. Jay’s mom was a PBX/operator for 15 years and her son, Brent, worked in the emergency department as well. Her niece Carlie currently works in the intensive care unit at PVHMC as a new graduate RN.

Outside of work, Jay enjoys spending time riding her horse. The mother and daughter love spending time with Myla Mae Jaynene, who like her mother, was born at PVHMC, too. On a special note, Jay’s precious new granddaughter was born on her birthday.

“I’m proud that my daughter has followed my career path and works at PVHMC,” says Jay. “It makes work feel like home when we see each other and can check in on one another. We are so happy here at our home away from home.”

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