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  • Cardiac Rehabilitation: There Is No Downside - Yet Only 1 in 4 Participate

    Cardiovascular rehabilitation can help reduce the effects of heart disease, but “suboptimal” participation rates can put thousands at risk of another heart attack. According to new findings reported in the American Heart Association's journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes (January 2020), of the more than 366,000 patients covered by Medicare who were eligible for ... Read Full Article [+]
  • Heart Disease Q & A with Nitanth Vangala, MD, Interventional Cardiologist at PVHMC

    Q: What is heart disease? A: Heart disease is a broad term that encompasses a variety of health conditions that vary based on what part of the heart is affected. Disorders can involve the heart muscle, the heart’s electrical system, or most commonly, the arteries that supply blood to the heart muscle. Q: What is the most common type of heart disease? A: Coronary artery disease – the ... Read Full Article [+]
  • How Mary Kennedy Survived a Heart Attack

    Mary Kennedy has a message for women who shrug off vague symptoms they think can’t possibly be a heart attack – don’t hesitate to call for help immediately. “If I’d hesitated, I would not have survived,” said Mary, 81, who lives in Covina with her husband and three adult grandchildren. “I had to be revived twice in the ambulance on the way to the Hospital, ... Read Full Article [+]
  • The Luckiest Guy in the World

    Pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors are stealthy. This rare form of cancer, which took the lives of Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs and legendary singer Aretha Franklin, among others, exhibits almost no symptoms until it’s already spread to the liver or other organs – when life expectancy decreases dramatically. But thanks to the diligence, timeliness and collaborative teamwork of ... Read Full Article [+]
  • Celebrating One Year of Dedication to Continuing Cardiovascular Excellence

    When Jayapal Reddy, MD, joined Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center (PVHMC) in 2003, the Hospital was already at the forefront of cardiac care. Today, PVHMC offers the area’s leading cardiovascular and stroke program and Dr. Reddy is dedicated to carrying on this tradition of excellence as Medical Director for Cardiac Services at PVHMC’s Stead Heart & Vascular Center. This year, ... Read Full Article [+]
  • Family Nutrition Resolutions for 2020

    Start the new year by teaching your family the importance of food and nutrition. This means food to fuel busy, successful lives and nutrition to nourish strong bodies and nimble minds. We can all help our families to be healthier eaters and start them on the road to wellness. Need a few tips? Try these: Serve regular, balanced meals and snacks with a variety of nutrient rich foods Make meal times ... Read Full Article [+]
  • Forever Footprints Partners with PVHMC to Give Hope to Families Experiencing Pregnancy and Infant Loss

    In late November, Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center (PVHMC)’s Emergency Department (ED) received its first donation from Forever Footprints, a non-profit organization based in Chino Hills. This donation included memory boxes and sibling support backpacks to support families through this difficult time in their lives. Jolene Galvez, RN, a Nurse in the Hospital’s ED, began ... Read Full Article [+]
  • PVHMC's Sports Medicine Center's 2019 "$$$ for Physicals" Program Supports Local High Schools

    Last Spring, for the 13 th consecutive year, physicians, physical therapists and Associates from the Sports Medicine Center (SMC) spent several evenings providing student-athletes from our SMC-affiliated high schools with CIF required "Pre-Participation Examination" (PPE) sports physicals through the “$$$ for Physicals” fundraiser program. Thank you to all who helped to make ... Read Full Article [+]
  • Volunteer at PVHMC!

    Want to get involved at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center? We are looking for active adults who want to make a big difference in the community. PVHMC is hosting a fall Volunteer recruitment drive for the Auxiliary, and we want you on our volunteer team! PVHMC Volunteers provide services throughout the hospital, and there’s a place for everyone. Meet amazing new people, stay connected to ... Read Full Article [+]
  • Boost Your Breast Health!

    Learn how to be healthier and help to protect yourself against breast cancer. Here are five simple ways to help boost your breast health. Maintain a healthy weight. Keeping a healthy weight is important to reduce your risk of breast cancer, especially post-menopause, due to the increased production of the hormone estrogen in fat tissue. In women with a higher weight, estrogen-sensitive breast ... Read Full Article [+]
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