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Orthopedic Services

Is Joint Pain Preventing you from Living an Active Lifestyle?

Joint replacement surgery has been found to result in significant restoration of function and reduction of pain in 90% to 95% of the patients.

Consider joint replacement surgery to decrease your pain, increase your mobility and get back to the life you enjoy.

Why Choose Us

PVHMC’s boasts reputable and talented surgeons who are dedicated to helping you find the best solution to alleviate your joint pain.

The Total Joint Replacement Program

We understand that joint replacement is a significant decision, which is why our program is based on advanced preparation, education, early mobilization, pain management, experienced nursing care, discharge coordination and after hospital discharge follow-up. Once you have decided that joint replacement is the right treatment for you, Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center’s (PVHMC) multidisciplinary team provides you with compassionate, innovative, expedited, high quality, cost effective care that will get you back to doing what you love, whether it is hiking, walking, dancing, tennis or golfing.

Pre-Op Education

Our program features a special joint replacement class that educates joint replacement candidates on the surgery process, medications and their side effects, physical therapy, medical equipment, how to prepare yourself for surgery and your home for recovery, and more.




At our joint replacement class, you will meet other joint replacement candidates as well as some members of the joint healthcare team, who, along with your coach (support person) or family members, will all be part of the experience and are a great source of encouragement and motivation.

Multidisciplinary Team

Our team of specialty trained orthopedic surgeons, nurse practitioner, nurse clinical coordinator, skilled and experienced orthopedic nurses, case management, physical therapists and occupational therapists all work together to create an individual care plan that is just right for you.

Case Management Team

Our case management team helps coordinate after-hospital medical equipment and services based on:

  • Your progress
  • Your insurance coverage
  • Your physicians orders


Most insurance plans cover joint replacement, but you should check with your health plan to determine the extent of your coverage.