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An Award-Winning Orthopedics Team – Just What the Doctor Ordered

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An Award-Winning Orthopedics Team – Just What the Doctor Ordered

Where does a doctor go when it’s time for his hip replacement surgery? Primary care physician Douglas Chiriboga, MD, chose the award-winning orthopedics team at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center (PVHMC) to have his procedure.

Dr. Chiriboga is part of a local walking club that often walks up to 15 miles on the weekends through historic areas of Los Angeles. He started to experience hip pain in 2019, which gradually increased during the pandemic. His discomfort led him to stand while eating dinner with his family, saying the movement from sitting to standing “felt like glue.”

Family members and patients noticed a limp in his step, contributing to the effects of his hip pain. After years of discomfort, a simple x-ray revealed arthritis in his hips. Doctors recommended orthopedic surgery to help alleviate his pain. He knew he didn’t have to look far. His colleagues recommended PVHMC orthopedic surgeon Dr. Hrayr Basmajian. Ana, a nurse navigator, helped coordinate his pre-op services. The same-day outpatient hip surgery was a seamless procedure

Dr. Chiriboga received physical therapy at PVHMC’s rehabilitation services department, where staff taught him appropriate home exercises and helped him learn to use his walker. The physical therapy program gradually introduced additional exercises to strengthen the doctor’s hips.

“My recovery was quick and complication-free – just as I expected,” said Dr. Chiriboga. From start to finish, the orthopedic surgery, rehabilitation and recovery went smoothly.

His post-recovery has granted him the ability to continue seeing patients, and he can now enjoy his favorite pastime of walking and exploring Southern California.

“I’m back to doing what I love - seeing my patients and doing it pain free,” he says.

PVHMC’s orthopedics program focuses on advanced patient and family preparation, education, early mobilization, pain management, experienced orthopedic nursing care, discharge coordination, and after-hospital discharge follow-up.

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